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  1. 'Marketing with Online Buzz' for Dummies, Part 1
    Jan Zimmerman is an expert on how businesses can promote their websites online. In her latest book, "Web Marketing for Dummies," she spends some time talking about creative ways online sellers can market themselves. In Part 1, Jan discusses the strategic planning aspects of web marketing and how to "buzz in the blogosphere."
    Published: 2007/04/01
  2. 'Marketing with Online Buzz' for Dummies, Part 2
    In Part 2 of this series, online-marketing guru Jan Zimmerman discusses social networks and tells us if it's worth investing in these teen-oriented sites, or if social networking is more hype than substance. She also covers business-oriented social networks and "buzzing the influencers" - third-party sites that collect opinions, product reviews and vendor ratings.
    Published: 2007/04/01