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  1. eBay Developers Conference Final Keynote Forum: eBay & PayPal Feedback Forum and The Global Market Opportunity for eBay Developers
    The final two keynote forums at the eBay Developers Conference put eBay executives on the hot seat concerning issues about eBay and PayPal in general, and then about the role third party developers can play in eBay's international marketplace.
    Published: 2005/06/23
  2. Cross-Border Shipping, Finding Product Sources and More: eBay Live's Session on Using Certified Providers
    Sellers looking to expand and streamline their business attended one of the opening sessions at eBay Live, "Using Certified Providers to Grow Your Business." Led by Laura Della Torre (Certified Provider Program Manager, eBay) the session began with an overview of the kinds of things certified providers can do for eBay sellers, such as offer creative design and branding, cross-merchandise, and shipping/handling solutions.
    Published: 2005/06/23
  3. eBay Live! Exhibit Hall: Bingo for Bracelets and Doba's ''Da Bomb''
    Stars are falling over an eBay seller's head and she's scrambling to catch them. It's just another wild 'n' wacky game at this year's eBay Live! convention, where a colorful variety of games, giveaways, and eye-catching booths all compete for attendees' brain bandwidth.
    Published: 2005/06/24
  4. A Rat Pack/Poker Mash-Up: Impressions of the eBay DevCon
    The croonings of an ersatz Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis, Jr., and a guy who bore an uncanny resemblance to Dean Martin punctuated the first day of the eBay Developers' conference. From the opening Vegas Cirque de Soleil-style acrobatic show to the Rat Pack-lookalikes, the whole conference had a Vegas flair. Even eBay's own Jason Steinhorn (mild-mannered eBay development employee by day, poker stud by night) gave poker lessons.
    Published: 2006/06/12
  5. Gearing Up for eBay Live: Getting 'Beachy' at the Annual Meet 'n Greet
    The sold-out eBay Live 2006 may start officially Tuesday morning, but at Monday night's 4th annual "Meet 'n Greet," sponsored by BuySafe, eBayers were already chatting each other up like crazy. Most of them were decked out in colorful beach clothing, in keeping with the bright eBay logo colors. Parrots perched atop hats, many men sported floral Hawaiian shirts, and ladies wore anything from grass skirts-n-coconuts to crazy rhinestone sunglasses.
    Published: 2006/06/13
  6. 'Making Meaning' with Guy Kawasaki at eBay Live
    The crush in the hallway on the way to Guy Kawasaki's "Art of Evangelism" session at eBay Live Tuesday afternoon was a tipoff to how good this was going to be. A straight-talking (and very funny) business "evangelist" who worked at Apple Computer from 1983 to 1987, Guy's job was to spread the word about the Macintosh. Now he runs Garage.com, a venture capital firm looking for the next big thing.
    Published: 2006/06/14
  7. Beyond eBay Live: eBay Extracurricular Events
    Although most of the action at this year's eBay Live conference takes place in the Mandalay Bay hotel Convention Center, eBay sellers and software companies, being the resourceful bunch they are, have a whole host of events going on around Vegas and in different parts of the convention hotel.
    Published: 2006/06/15
  8. Trying to Soak it All In: Learning at eBay Live
    The eBay Live conference guide shows pages and pages of information about all the classes, lectures and networking sessions going on, and sometimes it seems overwhelming. There is certainly no lack of content at eBay Live, and often times the challenge is choosing between two classes you want to attend at the same time.
    Published: 2006/06/16
  9. An Interview with Guy Kawasaki on 'Evangelism for eBay Sellers'
    Guy Kawasaki's "Art of Evangelism" session at eBay Live Tuesday was a hit with attendees. With Apple Computer from 1983 to 1987, Guy's job was to spread the word about the Macintosh. Now he runs Garage.com, a venture capital firm looking for the next big thing.
    Published: 2006/06/16
  10. 3DCart's Jimmy Rodriguez: Beyond the Shopping Cart
    Looking for a shopping cart to power your own ecommerce website? Julia Wilkinson sat down with 3dcart's Jimmy Rodriguez to learn about some of the innovative features it's added that go well beyond a standard shopping cart.
    Published: 2013/01/06
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