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  1. Theft Victim Seeks Help from eBay Movie Memorabilia Collectors
    Thieves burglarized Iconographs, a Las Vegas autograph dealer that sells signed movie memorabilia and specializes in Battlestar Galactica and Star Wars autographs, on Saturday, May 20. The perpetrators took nearly the company's entire inventory, valued at more than $300,000, according to Brian Eick, the company's president. According to Eick, Iconographs has posted information on the company's website and emailed its customer database about the burglary. The company has notified all Universal Autograph Collectors Club registered dealers of the incident. Eick says he is also attempting to work with eBay security authorities to prevent the thieves from fencing Inconographs' stolen merchandise through the online auctioneer.
    Published: 2006/06/09
  2. MurderAuction.com: 'eBay' for the Macabre?
    Victims' rights advocates are outraged with two Web sites specializing in the online sale and auction of "murderabilia." MurderAuction.com is a kind of eBay of the macabre. The site auctions the autographs, letters, photos and artwork of serial killers and other notorious criminals. Supernaught.com offers similar items for direct online sale.
    Published: 2006/07/31