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  1. eBay Goes Green from the Inside
    Jan Ferrigan is a freelance writer specializing in environmental and green living topics. Today she looks at eBay's efforts to go green, including its new building in San Jose that includes a solar roof array and other green features.
    Published: 2008/06/01
  2. Ecommerce Packaging the Green Way: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle
    Shoppers are keenly aware of the environmental impact of their online purchases. Give them something to feel good about by packaging your items in an eco-friendly manner. Jan Ferrigan is back with more "green" advice for online sellers.
    Published: 2008/07/20
  3. Swaptree Trading Site Does Well While Doing Good
    One man's junk is another man's treasure. Why not swap your junk to get treasures of your own? That's the concept behind Swaptree.com, where you can use your creative hunting and bartering skills to get what you want - and clean out your closet while you're at it. Jan Ferrigan takes a closer look at this site that's both entertaining and good for the environment.
    Published: 2008/09/07