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  1. Online Auction Marketing: Make the Most of Photo Captions
    Marketing guru Jim Crawford shows how adding captions to photos can catch shoppers' attention and move them to buy your items! Keep Jim's four tips in mind when you create your auction listings.
    Published: 2002/06/01
  2. Marketing Advice for Online Auction Sellers
    Marketing guru Jim Crawford reminds us to shake things up a bit. A little marketing can go a long way!
    Published: 2003/01/05
  3. Writing To Sell - It's Not About You!
    Should your eBay “ME” page really be all about you? Internet Marketing Consultant, Jim Crawford says “Maybe not” and gives some valuable tips.
    Published: 2001/03/04
  4. Promote Your Business through Local Web Portals
    Trying to draw more traffic to your Web site? Start locally! Jim Crawford gives some tips on how to get going.
    Published: 2001/05/06
  5. Never Stop Testing Your Marketing Activity
    You’ve developed your own Web site and spent money on promoting it, but how do you know which advertising has been effective? Jim Crawford gives some great, common-sense tips for testing your marketing efforts.
    Published: 2001/09/09
  6. Make Your Customers Feel Smart
    What's the best way to turn your Web Site visitors into customers?Jim Crawford writes that the key is making them feel that they're in the right place.
    Published: 2001/12/09
  7. Online Auction Marketing Tips: Using Autoresponders
    Autoresponders give instant answers to customers automatically, and can be used for offering coupons and explaining policies. Learn how to give your customers instant answers with autoresponders.
    Published: 2002/02/17