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  1. GoldenPalace.com Hits Jackpot with eBay Strategy
    Jen Muehlbauer takes a look at online casino GoldenPalace.com and its bid for eBay infamy.
    Published: 2005/02/17
  2. Victims of eBay Laptop Scam See Justice
    Hundreds of customers may never receive laptops they purchased from J.C. Morris & Co. years ago, but they've recently seen some justice. The proprietor of J.C. Morris, Todd Wilson Short, pled guilty to fraud on April 21, 2004 and will cooperate with prosecutors. J.C. Morris was an online store that sold discounted laptops only by advance PayPal payment, and often did not deliver. eBay PowerSeller Neil Bansal had blamed its failure to ship merchandise in his legal case.
    Published: 2004/05/07
  3. Should eBay Retire Old User IDs?
    Is there an old, seemingly forgotten eBay ID you've got your eye on, just waiting for it to expire? Sorry. It won't. It's eBay policy to not retire confirmed user IDs, no matter how long they sit around unused.
    Published: 2004/06/07
  4. PayPal Lawsuit Expected to Be Settled Soon
    A class action lawsuit against eBay's subsidiary PayPal, filed in a Northern California district court in March 2002, will likely be settled in the next two weeks. Attorneys for PayPal and the plaintiffs have been in settlement talks, and filed for an extension in May to allow them to work out some details.
    Published: 2004/06/14
  5. eBay Shoppers Find Relief after Fufu Furniture Fiasco
    It's Christmas in July for about 60 eBay shoppers. Unfortunately, that's Christmas 2003 in July 2004. Since last November, a group of antique aficionados has been trying to lay claim to furniture they bought on eBay from the China-based company Fufu's Chinese Antiques.
    Published: 2004/07/13
  6. Troubled Times for Prominent eBay PowerSeller
    There was a time when Adam Ginsberg was a model eBay Power Seller. He did big business, had overwhelmingly positive feedback, and became one of the users the media went to when they wanted to prove eBay was a major financial force. When he was interviewed by UPN News, he assured them that a "very, very small percentage of transaction[s on eBay] go bad." Lately, it seems like many of Ginsberg's own transactions are among the ones turning sour. As of August 31, 2004, all of his user accounts had been suspended. What happened?
    Published: 2004/09/08