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  1. Cead Mile Failte - Ireland Welcomes Ecommerce
    With Ireland drawing attention for its strong tech sector, we set out last month to learn more about ecommerce in the small island nation. Among those we consulted as we traveled the Emerald Isle were Dr. Stephen Brennan, the Chief Digital Advisor to the Irish Government, and Vol Pigrukh, founder of a global ecommerce service provider headquartered in Dublin, who shared their perspectives on Ireland's blossoming online retail market.
    Published: 2015/09/13
  2. How Irish Sellers Flourish Online
    On a quest to learn about the challenges of selling online in Ireland, EcommerceBytes took a week-long expedition to hear firsthand from sellers. From a potter in the hip city of Dublin to a textile artist in rural County Kerry, Irish sellers shared their stories and explained how they're overcoming obstacles and flourishing in one of the most beautiful places on earth.
    Published: 2015/09/13
  3. Yahoo Auctions Runs Valentine's Day Showcase
    Yahoo Auctions is running a Valentine's Day showcase. A showcase is a thematic page highlighting auction items related to the showcase topic. Sellers who choose to join a showcase will receive a special icon next to their listings.
    Published: 2005/01/25
  4. eBay Technical Issues Resolved
    A look at eBay's Systems Announcement Board on Monday showed a few "technical issues" relating to Picture Manager, My eBay and when viewing or listing items in several categories. All problems were classified resolved by noon.
    Published: 2005/01/25
  5. E-Loan Signs Agreement with eBay Motors
    E-Loan, an online consumer direct lender, will work with eBay to provide financing for automobiles and motorcycles purchased on eBay Motors, which delivers $11.1 billion in worldwide annualized gross merchandise volume.
    Published: 2005/01/25
  6. BuySafe Teams up with OTWA Community for eBay Sellers
    BuySafe, a company that uses surety bonds to protect consumers in online shopping transactions, has formed a strategic partnership with Online Traders Web Alliance (OTWA).
    Published: 2005/01/25
  7. No Snooze for this eBay Auction: Ad Space Wins $37,375 Bid
    SnoreStop won an eBay auction for advertising space on a young man's forehead last week. Twenty-year-old Andrew Fischer of Nebraska auctioned off the 1-month use of his forehead for advertising space, and earned $37,375 when the bidding ended. Fischer also earned priceless publicity for his business, HumanAdSpace.com, by appearing on network television shows.
    Published: 2005/01/25
  8. Online Auction Site SellYourItem Throws in the Towel
    Auction site SellYourItem.com is calling it quits and will close on February 1, 2005.
    Published: 2005/01/26
  9. Can You Hear Me Now? Verizon Mail-Block Affects eBay Sellers
    eBay users who trade internationally may be having difficulties receiving email from international customers depending on the Internet Service Provider (ISP) they are using for their email account. Several articles have pointed out Verizon's new spam-blocking initiatives and report the company is banning blocks of IPs from Europe, including this Wired article.
    Published: 2005/01/26
  10. Online Auction Site Overstock Sells Car from Trump's 'The Apprentice'
    Bill Rancic is putting his Chrysler Crossfire Roadster convertible up for sale on the online auction site Overstock Auctions to benefit charity. Rancic was the winning player on the first season of Donald Trump's television reality series "The Apprentice," which awarded Rancic the car. Bidding started at $1 on January 21, and the auction runs through January 27.
    Published: 2005/01/26
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