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  1. eBay Drop-off Stores Threaten Newspaper Classifieds
    As newspapers face competition from online classifieds services, some may be fighting back by denying space to certain advertisers. One eBay drop-off store owner said that's exactly what happened to him. Erik Vignau said The Oregonian, a Portland, Oregon newspaper, refused to renew an ad from Bid Brothers, the town's first eBay drop-off store, in December 2004.
    Published: 2005/01/25
  2. AuctionByEmail Offers Live Auctions over the Internet
    "Tired of being outbid at the last second?" That's the question posed on the website AuctionByEmail that offers "live, on-line, weekly auctions with 100+ great items each week."
    Published: 2005/03/09
  3. Buying Collectible Wine at Online Auctions
    "The most expensive wine ever sold remains a single bottle of Chateau Lafite 1787, which purportedly belonged to Thomas Jefferson," said Peter D. Meltzer, "Wine Spectator" auction correspondent. "It was bought at Christie's London in December 1985 for $155,242 by the late Malcolm Forbes."
    Published: 2005/10/07
  4. eBay Drop-off Stores Go International
    Since 2003, eBay drop-off stores have sprung up all over the world including Australia, Canada, England, and Germany. Some of the new players include SellStuffEasy Ltd., SoldSmart International, and Dropshop Ltd., and all have plans for expansion. Like U.S. stores, they're aiming primarily for individual customers who haven't tried online auction selling on eBay. But they're also setting their sights on business customers handling direct sales, liquidation, and excess stock.
    Published: 2004/10/13
  5. Experts Advise Caution When Buying Jewelry at Online Auctions
    Would you buy a diamond bracelet for $42,000 or a wristwatch for $169,900 on the Internet? Online jewelry auction sites including eBay are hoping you will. Even if you're not in the high roller group, the idea of getting a bargain on that pearl necklace or opal ring sounds enticing. With Web sites galore, shopping is easy, fast, and there are no pushy salespeople, not to mention the number of affordable baubles at your fingertips.
    Published: 2004/11/17