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  1. Searching Versus Browsing - A Look at eBay's Gallery
    Is eBay's Gallery worth the extra 25 cent charge? Writer E.S. James throws in her two bits about the subject.
    Published: 2000/01/23
  2. Yoo-Hoo? Try Yahoo!
    Think eBay is the only game in town? E.S. James talks to some users who vehemently defend their choice of online auction service.
    Published: 2000/02/07
  3. Building a Successful 'Me' Page on eBay
    What constitutes an effective “Me” page on eBay? E.S. James discusses what should and shouldn’t be included.
    Published: 2000/03/26
  4. eBay Motors Sparks Boycott
    The online community is all revved up over eBay Motors, but it’s not what you might think. E.S.James cruised on by to get the story.
    Published: 2000/06/04