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  1. Importing Goods to Sell on eBay
    Edith Reynolds talks to some modern day Marco Polos and learns how they are using the Internet run international marketplaces. Find out how Chinese paintings and Mexican crafts fuel two online import businesses.
    Published: 2002/10/20
  2. The Bookologist Report: Amazon Policy Shakes Up Online-Bookselling Industry
    Amazon has made a major policy decision that in effect bans book aggregators like Abe.com and Alibris from its site. Edith Reynolds stays on top of the bookselling industry in her role as Editor of The Bookologist. In today's column, The Bookologist Report, Edith takes a look at the developing story and what it means for online booksellers.
    Published: 2005/10/09
  3. A First Foray into Selling
    Ever think of taking your business on the road? Writer Edith Reynolds gives some pointers if you’re thinking of exhibiting at shows.
    Published: 2000/02/20
  4. e-Postage
    Tired of standing in line at the Post Office? Edith Reynolds provides some time-saving alternatives.
    Published: 2000/03/26
  5. Selling at Bookfairs Part 2
    Edith Reynolds concludes her series on exhibiting and selling at Bookfairs.
    Published: 2000/03/05
  6. Antiques Shops Web Pages
    If you’re thinking of setting up a Website to supplement your shop or online auctions, you won’t want to miss this article by Edith Reynolds!
    Published: 2000/04/23
  7. Developing a Web page for a Small Antiques Business
    Thinking about starting a site for your business? Writer Edith Reynolds shares the experience - and pitfalls - of the do-it-yourself Website.
    Published: 2000/05/21
  8. Success 2000 Seminar - Advice for the Internet Entrepreneur
    Want to turn your Web dreams into reality? Edith Reynolds gives some great tips she picked up at the Success 2000 Seminar.
    Published: 2000/06/18
  9. Thinking about Incorporating? Choosing a Business Model
    Decided to make a full-time business out of online auctions? Edith Reynolds looks at some of the options you have when setting up your company.
    Published: 2000/08/06
  10. Online Auction Site ePier.com
    Looking for alternatives to the usual cast of online auction sites? Edith Reynolds writes that you might consider ePier.
    Published: 2000/09/24
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