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  1. Sampling Campaigns Can Reel Back Online Customers
    From the beginning of selling on the World Wide Web, sellers found the personal touch made a difference to customers, and to this day you'll find sellers including small gifts or samples with their orders. IDR has scaled this concept to a higher level and actually pays online merchants to include samples with their orders in a model that is win, win, win for IDR, the brands it represents, and for online sellers.
    Published: 2013/01/20
  2. New Shopping Engine Netotiate Offers Haggle Feature
    Price comparison start-up Netotiate offers a haggle feature that lets shoppers make an offer for the goods they want.
    Published: 2012/05/07
  3. Consignment Sellers Find Rough Waters on eBay
    Consignment sellers doing as much as five figures in sales a month on eBay have been shut down over the last few years as they have failed to satisfy what they say is a tiny fraction of customers over shipping costs and shipping time thanks to pressure from eBay and its anonymous Detailed Seller Ratings.
    Published: 2012/05/30
  4. Measuring the ROI of Twitter and Facebook
    So you've gotten lots of "likes" and "tweets" for your online store, but business has not really improved that much - EcommerceBytes looks at a startup firm that helps online merchants focus on growing their "return on social" (ROS), short for "return on social media."
    Published: 2012/07/31
  5. GoKrt Startup Offers a Wish List - Curated Shopping Mashup
    GoKrt is building a tool that lets shoppers compile lists of items they purchased - or would like to purchase - from all over the web (and physical stores as well). They can use it as a private wish list, comparison shopping tool, or treat it as their own curated shopping site to share with others.
    Published: 2012/09/04