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  1. Escrow Fraud: Alive and Well and Living Online
    The following email exchange is between an eBay buyer and seller. Unknown to the seller, the buyer has no intention of paying for the eBay item, a diamond gemstone. The buyer is perpetrating what's known as escrow fraud. The "buyer" has sent the seller a link to a site that is purportedly an escrow site that will act as a trusted third-party.
    Published: 2005/04/18
  2. eBay Employee Finds Lunch a Tad(pole) Disgusting
    An eBay worker discovered a frog in her salad from the company cafeteria, according to her Blog. She returned it to the cafeteria and received a refund, but later regretted she did not sell it "for big bucks on eBay to some casino." The post is making the rounds and is getting lots of comments on her blog.
    Published: 2005/06/30
  3. January is the Cruelest Month for eBay Sellers
    With apologies to T.S. Eliot, January is the cruelest month. Not just because the holidays are over, and there's really no good reason for snow to stick around anymore, but January is also the time that eBay traditionally announces fee-increases on their site, effective in February. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I don't believe things will be any different this year. Snow isn't going anywhere until April, and eBay fees are going up.
    Published: 2006/01/09
  4. A Shopper's First Impressions of eBay Express
    Leave it to eBay to make a simple online shopping experience more complex. From the creators who brought us the "World's Online Marketplace," we now have the long-awaited sequel, eBay Express
    Published: 2006/04/27
  5. Postage Rates May Rise Again
    Published: 2001/02/07
  6. Blackthorne Changes Name and Institutes Monthly Fees
    Published: 2001/02/07
  7. Honesty Joins the 'Fee' Parade
    Published: 2001/02/09
  8. eBay Expands Its Outage Policy
    Published: 2001/02/09
  9. Anna Kournikova Virus: This is No Blonde Joke
    Published: 2001/02/13
  10. Invenna Software Pledges to Keep One-Time Fee Policy for AuctionAmigo
    Published: 2001/02/15
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