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  1. Two Online Auction Sites for Postcard Collectors and Dealers
    Two online auction sites designed for collectors are becoming popular with postcard dealers. Cathy Harned, who sells postcards online through eBay, Delcampe and on her own website, writes about Delcampe and Playle.com, two sites she says are bringing a breath of fresh air to dealers with large inventories.
    Published: 2007/08/19
  2. eBay Introduces 'To Go,' Its First Widget
    eBay has rolled out "eBay To Go," its first widget, intended to promote eBay listings by enabling users to easily create and embed cut-and-paste code snippets on off-eBay blogs, social networking sites and websites. The widget allows up to 10 items or a favorite search to be featured, with installation instructions located at http://togo.ebay.com. More specific instructions are given for code placement on such social networking and blogging sites as Myspace, Wordpress, Blogger, Friendster, Yahoo 360, TypePad, Live Journal and Tagged.
    Published: 2007/06/07