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  1. Collector's Corner: Confessions of a Toy Train Collector, Part 3
    Toy trains for girls? Yes, Lionel made a pastel train set for girls in the 1950s. Charles Conley tells us if they hold a special place in the hearts of collectors today, as he continues to share his knowledge and love of toy trains.
    Published: 2002/06/02
  2. Gauges through the Ages
    With more than thirty toy train gauges, it's helpful to know how to measure trains and tracks. Chuck Conley continues his adventures in toy train collecting with this article on Gauges through the Ages.
    Published: 2002/07/21
  3. Collector's Corner: Selling and Buying Toy Trains
    Chuck Conley conducts a tour of the best way to sell and buy toy trains.
    Published: 2002/12/01
  4. Collector's Corner: Greenberg Toy Train Price Guides
    Chuck Conley examines some toy train auctions and compares their performance to prices found in classic price guides. Do eBay auction prices compare to those found in Greenberg guides? Read on!
    Published: 2003/01/05
  5. Collector's Corner: Where to Buy Toy Trains
    Chuck Conley takes us for another ride on his toy-train adventures. In today's column, Chuck reviews the various places you can find trains to add to your collection.
    Published: 2003/03/23
  6. Collector's Corner: Grandfather's Trains
    When you inherit collectibles from a loved one, it can be hard finding out what to do with them and how much they might be worth. Chuck Conley, a collector and lover of toy trains, explains some of the basics of doing research on toy trains for newbies.
    Published: 2003/05/18
  7. Collector's Corner: Toy Trains - O Gauge What?
    Chuck Conley continues his "confessions of a toy train collector." In today's column, he discussses the difference between scale and gauge sizes. Clear up any confusion you might have over this issue as Chuck explains it all.
    Published: 2003/09/21
  8. Collector's Corner: York Pennsylvania Train Show and New Toy-Train Price Guides
    Chuck Conley tells us about one of the largest toy-train meets in the U.S., advice on whether to buy the new Greenberg Pocket price guides, and ponders the idea of buying toy trains by the pound!
    Published: 2004/01/04
  9. Collector's Corner: Observations on the Future of Toy Trains
    What's happening to the market for toy trains? Chuck Conley explains how the market is changing and why, and what it means for prices of toy trains. He also ponders the educational value of toy trains, a hobby that teaches while entertaining!
    Published: 2007/07/22
  10. Collector's Corner: American Flyer Trains Work for Kids Too
    Chuck Conley revisits his last article, "Observations on the Future of Toy Trains," and shares some feedback he received from readers. Chuck reveals that the great debate from his childhood over which is the "best" toy train continues to this day.
    Published: 2007/08/05
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