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  1. Authorize.Net Offers Digital Credit-Card Processing for Online Merchants
    Are you an online seller who need to accept credit cards online, or a brick-and-mortar business who wants a virtual terminal to process your customers' credit card information? Today's article from Barbara Weltman reviews Authorize.Net, which is currently used by more than 240,000 merchants and offers a broad array of online payment services.
    Published: 2009/07/26
  2. You Can't Take It with You: PayPal and Estate Planning
    Most of us have probably read horror stories about online sellers becoming hospitalized or dying and leaving their family without any clue as to how to run their business. It behooves you to have a plan and share it with your loved ones, but what about access to your financial accounts in such cases? In "You Can't Take It with You," Barbara Weltman finds out what happens to your PayPal account if something happens to you!
    Published: 2009/11/01
  3. Going Out of Business Part 1: Shutting Down When There's No Choice
    If you've been selling online for over a decade like many individuals and businesses, there may come a time when you decide to close your retail activities. Whether the decision is planned or forced upon you, there are things you need to know in order to close down your business correctly. In today's installment of "Going out of Business," Barbara Weltman tackles, "Shutting Down When There's No Choice."
    Published: 2009/11/15
  4. Going Out of Business Part 2: Selling Your Business for Top Dollar
    There are many reasons why you may close your business, and in Part 1 of this series, author Barbara Weltman discussed your options when you don't have a choice in the matter ("Going Out of Business Part 1 - Shutting Down When There's No Choice"). Today, she tackles, "Selling Your Business for Top Dollar." It's not too early to lay a foundation for that "some day" when you are ready to sell!
    Published: 2009/12/06
  5. Eight Year-End Tax Tips for Online Sellers
    The New Year will be here before you know it. Give yourself a holiday gift by being prepared when it comes to this year's taxes. Barbara Weltman is a small-business expert and tax guru, and in today's issue, she shares eight year-end tax tips for online sellers that will have a positive effect on your 2015 tax bill.
    Published: 2015/12/13
  6. What Impact Do eBay Sales Have on Government Benefits?
    Many retirees and people on disability supplement their government benefit by selling items on eBay and other online venues. Attorney and tax expert Barbara Weltman explains how income from online selling affects Social Security and veterans benefits.
    Published: 2011/08/21
  7. Using a Virtual Assistant to Build Your Business
    We could all use some extra help in our lives, especially merchants who are busy fulfilling holiday orders! Small-business guru Barbara Weltman has some advice for finding a virtual assistant to help you out with all kinds of chores, now and all year-round!
    Published: 2012/12/02
  8. IRS to Track Online Sellers' Payment Transactions Beginning Next Year
    Online sellers who don't report their sales will no longer be able to fly underneath the radar screen. If you are operating your business in the United States and use online payment processors such as PayPal, Google Checkout, or credit card processors, you'll soon be hearing about Form 1099-K. The Internal Revenue Service - the IRS - has drafted Form 1099-K, a new information return that payment settlement entities will use to report the gross amount of merchant card or third-party payments.
    Published: 2010/03/07
  9. Four Things Online Sellers Should Know About Business Appraisals
    There are several reasons you may need to know the value of your online retail business. What's the best way to obtain a valuation? Tax guru Barbara Weltman reviews the basics and provides guidance on where to go next.
    Published: 2012/03/18
  10. Raising Funds for Your Online Business: Debt vs. Equity
    Ready to grow your ecommerce business but don't have the money to take it to the next level? Tax guru Barbara Weltman explains the options available for obtaining capital, whether you're investing in operations and staffing, or taking advantage of inventory acquisition opportunities. Today, she discusses the pros and cons of borrowing money (debt) vs. taking in investors (equity), and in the next issue, she'll show you where to find the money!
    Published: 2012/05/06
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