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  1. Should You Incorporate Your eBay Business?
    Should you incorporate your eBay business? Small-business expert Barbara Weltman reviews the factors you should consider in making a decision about remaining a sole proprietor or incorporating your business.
    Published: 2005/05/22
  2. eBay Accounting 101: Tax ID Numbers
    Tax expert and small-business guru Barbara Weltman gives us a tutorial in tax ID numbers for U.S.-based eBay sellers in this quick and easy guide.
    Published: 2005/06/19
  3. Year-End Tax Tips for Online Sellers
    For sellers who run their operations as a business, this is a good time to think about things you can do now to help you when next April rolls around. Expert tax guru Barbara Weltman has some concrete suggestions, whether you had a good - or not so good - year.
    Published: 2005/10/23
  4. Sheltering Income from Your eBay Business
    Now is the time for small-business owners to think about retirement planning. Accounting expert Barbara Weltman reviews some options for online sellers and shows how tax-deductible contributions can pay off!
    Published: 2007/02/04
  5. Accounting Made Easy for eBay Business Owners
    Revenue and expenses, debits and credits - all business owners have to deal with accounting. Today Barbara Weltman takes a look at a tool that integrates with eBay and promises to help sellers keep track of their finances!
    Published: 2007/06/03
  6. What Online Sellers Need to Know about New IRS Rules
    Online sellers may be confused about two new pieces of legislation involving taxes and IRS reporting requirements. Barbara Weltman is a legal, tax and financial information expert for small business, and in today's article, she gives a recap on rules dealing with Form 1099.
    Published: 2010/08/24
  7. What the New Tax Law Means to Online Sellers
    Just before the Congress adjourned, the Tax Relief, Unemployment Reauthorization, and Job Creation Act of 2010 was signed into law. Barbara Weltman explains what it means to self-employed and small businesses, including online sellers.
    Published: 2010/12/27
  8. Sales Tax Rules for eBay Sellers
    It may have five letters, but it sure acts like a four-letter word: I'm talking about "taxes," and for online sellers, the obligation to collect sales tax may seem daunting. Accounting expert Barbara Weltman helps you make sense of this complicated issue in today's AuctionBytes Update!
    Published: 2008/09/21
  9. How The New IRS Form 1099K Impacts Your Tax Return
    Online merchants will soon begin receiving new 1099-K forms from Amazon, PayPal, Google and credit card merchant account providers. What do you do with these forms, which are being forward to the IRS? Tax guru Barbara Weltman explains.
    Published: 2012/01/02
  10. Help for the Holiday Season: Getting the Workers You Need
    Many online merchants add seasonal help to ensure the extra surge of holiday packages get delivered to customers on time. But should you put temp workers on the payroll, or treat them as independent contractors? Tax guru and small-business expert Barbara Weltman explains the differences and what's at stake in making the right classification.
    Published: 2014/10/19
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