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  1. Auction Management with a Palm i705
    Mobile multi-tasking for the eBay "road warrior"? Barbara Shaughnessy explains how a PDA can save time when you're out looking for inventory to sell online.
    Published: 2003/03/09
  2. eBay's Trading Assistant Program Offers Support for Consignment Sellers
    Many online auction sellers get inventory by doing consignment sales. Barbara Shaughnessy attended a special session for Trading Assistants at the eBay Live conference last month and reports back on eBay's offical program for consignment sellers.
    Published: 2003/07/13
  3. eBay Live Wrap-up: AuctionBytes Reports on Second eBay Convention
    Get an inside peek at eBay's second annual users convention in this wrap-up report of eBay Live 2003.
    Published: 2003/07/13
  4. Collector's Corner: AuctionBytes' Antiques Roadshow Adventure
    If you have ever watched the Antiques Roadshow TV program on PBS, you know it's quite entertaining. Barbara Shaughnessy attended the San Francisco appraisal event earlier this month and takes us on an Antiques Roadshow adventure!
    Published: 2003/08/24
  5. PayPal Shops Are Easy, Free & Give Your Business Exposure
    PayPal Shops can give your eBay Store or Web site added exposure, and the price is right: it's free! Barbara Shaughnessy explains.
    Published: 2003/10/05
  6. eBay Productivity Tools I've Tried in 2003
    Barbara Shaughnessy shares information about some of the tools she tried out in 2003 for her eBay business. If you use eBay and PayPal, you might be interested in these time- and money-saving tools.
    Published: 2004/01/18
  7. Selling Online Locally: Craigslist
    Craigslist fans are fervent in their regard for this site. Where else can you post a free ad and have someone come by and pick up your "junk"? Barbara Shaughnessy introduces us to this interactive online-classifieds site that's been around since 1995.
    Published: 2004/03/21
  8. MissionFish and eBay Giving Works: Better Sales, Better World
    eBay continues to shape its charity programs on the auction site. Barb Shaughnessy explains how eBay Giving Works and MissionFish programs work and how charities can take advantage of online fundraising.
    Published: 2005/07/10
  9. PowerSeller Gives Synopsis of Two eBay University Classes
    This presentation was jointly delivered by a Nikon (eBay Live! Sponsor) employee and a professional photographer. The session was well attended by over 400. Several camera tips were geared towards the Nikon Coolpix 2100 (2.1 mpixel camera used for demonstrations), however, most of the presentation was applicable to digital photography regardless of camera type. The presenters repeatedly stressed that the best digital pictures for eBay are "clean, neat, and simple."
    Published: 2003/06/27
  10. eBay Live! 2004 - PowerSeller Conference Features
    This is my third eBay Live!, but my first as a PowerSeller (PS). After registration, I hiked (and I do mean this was quite a walk) to the PS desk to receive my PS ribbon, now 1 of 6 hanging off my badge, and special gift. The gift, a great PS logo tote bag, is already filled with conference “stuff.”
    Published: 2004/06/24
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