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  1. Collector's Corner: The Show of Shows Militaria Event
    If you collect militaria, the Show of Shows is a must event for you! The Ohio Valley Military Society hosts the largest such collector event in the nation, and Andrew Turner relates his first experience attending this impressive show.
    Published: 2007/04/01
  2. Collector's Corner: Zippo - The Great American Pocket Lighter
    Over 400 million Zippo lighters have been produced and have become cultural icons. Andrew Turner takes a look at this innovative device and how it all began.
    Published: 2007/05/20
  3. Collector's Corner: 2008 Show of Shows for Militaria Collectors
    What does the smell of musty wool and mothballs conjure up in your mind? For Andrew Turner, it is the essence of the Show of Shows where militaria collectors can bring home history - from clothing to weapons, to photographs and field gear.
    Published: 2008/04/06