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  1. Evaluating eBay Seller Software
    With hundreds of auction tools available, how do you know which one is right for you? Andy Geldman of Auction Software Review walks us through the steps of evaluating auction-management software and clears up a lot of confusion along the way.
    Published: 2004/05/23
  2. Lies, Damn Lies & Statistics: eBay Marketplace Research
    Have you ever wondered which day of the week is best for ending eBay auctions? Or which featured options are worth the extra fees? Or which categories have the highest sell-through rates? Research tools can help you answer these kinds of questions, and Andy Geldman examines the pros and cons of various types of tools.
    Published: 2004/06/20
  3. Consignment Selling Software for Online-Auction Sellers
    If you make a business of selling items for people on eBay, you know how important it is to keep track of inventory, contracts and consignor information. Today AuctionBytes takes a look at software tools for eBay consignment sellers.
    Published: 2004/09/26
  4. Storefront Services: A Guide for eBay Sellers (Part 1)
    If you're an eBay seller wondering how to set up your own ecommerce presence, you'll be interested in this guide to Storefront services. Andy Geldman introduces us to the types of storefronts available in Part 1 of this series.
    Published: 2005/05/08
  5. Storefront Services: A Guide for eBay Sellers (Part 2)
    Andy Geldman introduces us to three different storefronts services - two for high-volume merchants and one for technologically savvy sellers.
    Published: 2005/06/05
  6. Auction Software FAQ: Software for the Mac
    Andy Geldman kicks off the Auction Software FAQ column with answers to a question many eBay sellers ask: What software is available for the Mac? Andy's got some recommendations, from sniping to searching to auction-management solutions.
    Published: 2005/07/24
  7. Auction Software FAQ: What Software Is Available for Overstock Auctions?
    Andy Geldman answers all your software questions in Auction Software FAQ. Today, he tackles the question, "What software is available for Overstock Auctions?"
    Published: 2005/08/07
  8. Auction Software FAQ: Can I use eBay with my cell phone or PDA?
    Do you like to keep track of your auctions and bidding when on the go? Andy Geldman tells us about some ways to keep in touch with eBay from your mobile devices. A must-read for today's Cyber Road Warrier.
    Published: 2005/08/21
  9. Auction Software FAQ: What is the eBay API?
    Andy Geldman tackles the eBay API in today's Auction Software FAQ. Find out what eBay's API is and why you should care.
    Published: 2005/09/04
  10. Auction Software FAQ: What Is Skype?
    You may have heard the hype over Skype since eBay announced it was acquiring the company for billions of dollars. Andy Geldman has been using Skype to make international phone calls for 9 months. He explains Skype in today's Auction Software FAQ column.
    Published: 2005/09/18
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