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  1. Ann Castle's Online Auction Tips
    Computer users use signatures in their email letters to convey their contact information and save time. You can use the signature feature to save you time in your auction correspondence, as Ann Castle reveals in her latest online auction tip!
    Published: 2002/06/02
  2. Ann Castle's Online Auction Tips: A Garage Sale Survival Kit
    Online sellers frequently go to garage sales to look for inventory. Ann Castle lists you what you need to make the most of these hunting expeditions as she reveals her "Garage Sale Survival Kit"!
    Published: 2002/07/07
  3. Ann Castle's Tips: Being a Conservative Seller Online
    The ever-efficient Ann Castle shares her tips on safe selling. Learn the steps that Ms. Castle uses when accepting payments for high-priced goods from auction buyers.
    Published: 2002/09/22
  4. Ann Castle's Tips: Storing Shipping Supplies
    Experienced auction seller Ann Castle has 7 easy tips on how to store shipping supplies. Get organized and be more efficient!
    Published: 2002/10/06
  5. Ann Castle's Auction Tips
    Trying to speed up your workflow? Ann Castle shares two tips for making your workplace more efficient.
    Published: 2002/01/20
  6. Ann Castle's Online Auction Tips
    Ann Castle shares two great tips for staying organized. If you use a digital camera or scanner to take auction photos, Ann shows how to keep your image files in order and explains how to protect your scanner from scratches.
    Published: 2002/03/03
  7. Ann Castle's Online Auction Tips
    Ann Castle shares two great tips on staying organized. Learn how to use a simple technique to keep track of PayPal payments, and learn how to zip through your time at the Post Office counter!
    Published: 2002/04/07