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EcommerceBytes-Update - Published since November 6, 1999.
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EcommerceBytes-Update is the independent trade publication for online merchants. Includes articles on:

  • How to sell effectively online
  • Marketing tips to increase sales
  • Product sourcing
  • Multi-channel selling and comparison-shopping sites
  • Search-engine optimization techniques for online-auction sellers
  • How to set up your own storefront or website
  • Trends such as consignment selling, social commerce, and multi-channel selling
  • Product reviews
  • Collector's Corner
  • Letters from readers

EcommerceBytes-NewsFlash - Published since January 22, 2001.
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EcommerceBytes Newsflash articles are posted daily to the site and sent out via email newsletter 2-3 times a week. Contains ecommerce news and industry announcement such as:

  • Listing promotions from eBay and other online marketplaces
  • New products and services for online sellers
  • Lawsuits involving auction sites, marketplaces and merchants
  • Online payment service news
  • Market trends and survey results
  • Anti-fraud initiatives and consequences
  • News from industry conferences
  • Vendor Monday column (weekly articles written by executives in the ecommerce industry)

Ecommerce-Update Archives

You can read past newsletters going back to 1999 - click on a year and you'll be taken to all 24 issues from that year, which you can read in full-text!
(prior to 7/10/11 EcommerceBytes-Update was named AuctionBytes-Update.)

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