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Toys and Doll Collecting Resources



Barbie Collectibles

The official Mattel website. Barbie and friends dolls from 1959 to the present.

Dollectibles—Barbie Collecting Index
Terminology, grading, hints-and-tips.

Beanie Babies
The official Ty Beanie Babies website.

Doll Collecting at About.com
Numerous articles on vintage and modern dolls.

Doll Reference: Vintage Dolls 1951-1976
Laurie Tanis’ doll-collecting site. Unsurpassed for pictures, descriptions and pricing guidelines. Currently 156+ pages and close to 2,000 pictures.

Ideal trademark dates

My Real Baby


Doll uses sensors and artificial intelligence to interact with children.

Premier auction site for dolls. Appraisals, news, collector’s info.

The United Federation of Doll Clubs, Inc.
Ada Diedrich
P. O. Box 555
Marshfield Hills, MA 02051-0555
E-mail: abdiedrich@msn.com


Dam Trolls and Troll Information

History, links, and "troll tips".

Goblin King's On-line Guide to Trolls
Picture identification of different types and makers of trolls.

Troll Company ApS
Official home of Dam Things trolls.


Arcade Games (Coin-Operated)
International Arcade Museum
If you want information on any arcade game you played as a youth, you’ll find it here

Cast Iron Toys/Artifacts

The Big Red Toybox
Toy encyclopedia. Lots of info, links, boards.

Toy and action figure news, archives.

Hobby Gaming (Role Playing)

Wizards of the Coast, Inc. (a subsidiary of Hasbro)
A major hobby gaming (Dungeons & Dragons, Magic, Star Wars, etc.) site

WizKinds Games
News, rules, figures galleries for Mage Knight, Mech Warrior, Shadowrun, others.

Hot Wheels
Redlines Online

Info, pics, links to the world of redline Hot Wheels collecting.

The official company website.

Model Horses
Collecting Model Horses
Charts, photos for identifying models, list of manufacturers of model horses, glossary, more.

McPEZ Kooky Zoo

One of the best of the collector sites. Presents all information-patent numbers, IMC's, definitions, release dates-in logical, easy-to-follow format. Photo documentation is first-rate!

Official PEZ Candy Inc. Website
Offers limited editions, lists all dispensers for sale and upcoming promos.

PEZheads Online
A 1995 newsgroup in its first incarnation, this terrifically comprehensive site provides history, FAQs, and a plethora of first-class links.

Toy Collector
Resources, forums, blogs for toy collectors.


This is a free database program for keeping track of dispenser collections with a master database that offers a "complete,...listing of all the different dispenser variations ever made."

Pressed Steel Toys
Pressed Steel Toys
Web version of monthy magazine. Reviews, tips, links.

Robots (Toy)
Robot Gallery
Directory of classic robot toys. Descriptions, pics.

Trading Card Games
Pojo’s Gaming Site
Set lists, price guides, tips, articles, news, more. Sections for most games including Pokemon, Magic the Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh, Duel Masters, etc.

The View-Master Homepage
History, descriptions of viewer models over the years, packet information, links.

The View-Master Ultimate Reel List
Lists of all View-Master issues.


Have Questions? Talk with other toy and doll lovers in our
Toy Forum!

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Recommended Reading

Collector's Guide to Trolls: Identification & Values
by Pat Peterson

Troll Identification and Price Guide
by Debra Clark

Cartoon & Character Toys of the 50s, 60s & 70s, (Plastic & Vinyl) (June 1995 edition)

Plastic Toys: Dimestore Dreams of the 40s & 50s

by Bill Hanlon, David Belda (Photographer), Bill Harlon 

Schroeders Collectible Toys: Antique to Modern Price Guide (Schroeder's Collectible Toys (7th Ed.)
by Sharon Huxford (Editor), Bob Huxford (Editor)

View-Master Viewers: An Illustrated History
by Mary Ann & Wolfgang Sell

Collectible View-Master Price-Value Guide

by Brad & Julie Welsch

Collecting Pez
By David Welch

Collector's Guide to Pez: Identification & Price Guide (2nd Ed)

by Shawn Peterson

Pez Collectibles (Schiffer Book for Collectors)

by Richard Geary

Vintage Toys: Robots and Space Toys
by Jim Bunte, Dave Hallman, Heinz Mueller













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