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Stamps Collectibles (Philately) Resources


American Philatelic Society
Founded in 1886, APS is the "largest, nonprofit society in the world for stamp collectors". Library, virtual campus, almanac, authentication, etc.

American Stamp Dealers Association (ASDA)
Stamp show calendar, free publications, links.

The United States Postal Service
Online store. Collector’s Corner (stamp issues, release schedule, philatelic glossary, etc.).


Looking for a moderator to host a Stamps/Philatelists forum!

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June 10, 2002, Issue #333

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June 07, 2002, Issue #332

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March 29, 2002, Issue #287

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March 12, 2002, Issue #274

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January 08, 2002, Issue #234

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December 09, 2001, Issue #217

This and That"
October 14, 2001, Issue #51

This and That"
October 13, 2001, Issue #50

USPS Releases Enrico Fermi Postage Stamp "
September 30, 2001, Issue #172

Collector Donates 'Independent Africa' Stamp Collection to APS"
July 30, 2001, Issue #129

Collector's Corner: Stamp-Collecting Courses Offered Online"
July 15, 2001, Issue #42

New Leonard Bernstein Postage Stamp"
July 09, 2001, Issue #119

Baseball Stadium Stamps Available Today"
June 27, 2001, Issue #112

February 17, 2001, Issue #32

Stamp Course for Hobbyists"
January 06, 2001, Issue #29

July 15, 2000, Issue #18

Stamp News"
June 17, 2000, Issue #16

Primer on Condition of Stamps: Physical Defects and Space Fillers"
January 23, 2000, Issue #6

Stamps: A Legacy of Collecting "
December 05, 1999, Issue #3

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