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Sports Collectibles Resources

The WagnerCard.com
History and information about the legendary T206 Honus Wagner baseball card. Also, chart of highest recorded auction sales of baseball cards.

Complete calendar of athlete autograph appearances in both the U.S. and Canada.

AutoGram Newsletter

Concise online newsletter devoted to collectors of "autographs and signed memorabilia". Posts signing events, answers readers’ questions, more.

Advanced Knowledge About Collecting Antique Fishing Lures

Antique Lure Collectibles

Angling Artifacts

Antique Fishing Lures

Antique Fishing Lures, Reels & Tackle Information Site


The Olympic Collectors Commission (CCO)
The official collectibles arm of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), the CCO website offers historical information, virtual galleries, events, links to clubs, etc.

Zola’s Olympic Pins
Pin trading bulletin board.

Professional Wrestling
Latest news on wrestling toys, action figures.


Looking for a moderator to host a Sports Collectibles forum!

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Million Dollar Baseball Card?"
June 17, 2000, Issue #16

Baseball Cards: Gum Cards - Part II"
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Collector's Corner: Baseball Cards - The Early Years"
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Sports: Where to Begin?"
January 23, 2000, Issue #6

Recommended Reading

Beckett Hockey Card Price Guide and Alphabetical Checklist 2004 Edition (Beckett Hockey Card Price Guide and Alphabetical Checklist, 13)
by James Beckett (Editor), Clint Hall (Editor), Allan Muir (Editor)

The Official Price Guide to Baseball Cards 2003, 23rd Edition
by James Beckett (Author)

The Official Beckett Price Guide to Basketball Cards 2004, 13th edition
by James Beckett (Author)

The Official Beckett Price Guide to Football Cards 2004, 23rd edition
by James Beckett (Author)

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