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Porcelain, Pottery and China Collecting Resources

Abingdon Pottery

Animal Figurines Gallery Index

Antique Pottery and Ceramic Directory  
Belleek, Irish Porcelain

Clarice Cliff Collectors Club

Classic Replacements

Cowan Pottery Museum

Delft Porcelain

East Liverpool Potteries

Enesco Home Page


Fiesta Online

MediumGreen Fiesta

Flores Arts & Antiques Porcelain Marks Reference

Franciscan Collectors Site

Frankoma Pottery Page

Frankoma Pottery

Hall China Collectors Page

Haviland Online
Lots of nformation on Backmarks, pattern identification, history and more!

World of Hall Teapots

Howard Holt PixieWare

Homer Laughlin China Company

Homer Laughlin China Replacements

Lenox Collections


Maling Collectors' Society
Ceramic backstamp  library of over 10,000 marks and growing.

Wonderful World of Marcrest

McCoy Pottery Collectors Society
Dedicated to the Service of McCoy Pottery Collectors Everywhere

McCoy Pottery On-Line

McCoy NMXpress
"For, by, and about McCoy lovers everywhere." Appears site has not been updated in some time, but informative section on reproductions with nice side-by-side photos of originals and copies


Official Moorcroft Pottery Site

Muncie Pottery

Nemadji Pottery Collectors Club

TableTops Etc. Pattern Matching

Intl.Nippon Porcelain Collectors' Club

Ohio River
Identification guide to American dinnerware makers, shapes and
patterns. Over 2700 images.

I Love Pfaltzgraff Folk Art

Pfaltzgraff Pottery Patterns

Pickard China

Poole Pottery Online

Piggy Bank Info Exchange

Porcelain Marks

PotteryNut’s Hull Website

Guide to identifying reproductions and fakes

Pottery Companies and Trademarks

Red Wing Collectors Society

Replacements Ltd.

The Restaurant Ware Collectors Network

The Roseville Exchange

Dedicated to identifying fake and reproduction Roseville pottery. LOTS
of great comparison photos and descriptions.

Royal Albert China

Royal Doulton

Shop 4 Antiques Reference Site

The Showcase
Extensive list of glass and pottery links

The Spode Museum

Tracys Salt and Pepper Shakers

Vernon Kilns Pottery Info Site

Huggybear’s Wade Whimsies Website
Most comprehensive site devoted to Wade miniatures. Huggybear's has hundreds of pictures arranged both alphabetically and by series for easy identification of your "find." The site also hosts a detailed bibliography, a list of Wade retail shops, a Wade collectors club, links, etc.

Wade Ceramics Ltd
Official company website

Whimsical Wades
Extensive list of Wade modelers and their creations

Wade and Whimsies Collectibles
Well-written history of Wade potteries and the miniatures

Watt Pottery

Wedgwood Pottery Site

Cookie Jars
The American Cookie Jar Association
Articles, boards, shows.

Cookie Jar Matchmaker

The Cookie Jar Spot

Value guide, index of fakes and reproductions, links, more.

The Cookie Jar.Net
Newsletter, show/auction calendar.

McCoy Pottery Online
Illustrated list of McCoy cookie jars from 1930's to present.


Have Questions? Talk with other ephemera lovers in our
Porcelain & Pottery Forum!

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Recommended Reading

Cookie Jars
Collector's Encyclopedia of Cookie Jars, Book III
by Fred Roerig, Herndon Roerig, Joyce Herndon Roerig

The Complete Cookie Jar Book
by Mike Schneider

An Illustrated Value Guide to Cookie Jars
by Ermagene Westfall

The Wonderful World of Cookie Jars: A Pictorial Reference and Price Guide

by Mark Supnick, Ellen Supnick










































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