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Photography Collecting Resources

Archival Supplies/Information
Light Impressions

A leading resource for archival supplies. Catalog available.

Northeast Document Conservation Center
Dozens of articles on caring for collections.

University Products—ArchivalSuppliers.com
Online shop, extensive glossary.

The Wheaton History Center
Tips for preserving photographs and documents; supplies.

The Brownie Camera Page


History, descriptions, resources, etc.

The Brownie Camera @ 100

Kodak's Brownie Anniversary page.

Online price guide for collectible cameras. Tips and info on care, estimating age, determining condition, etc.


"Print and photograph examination and research" (including trading cards). Articles on identification, dating, detecting forgeries, etc.

Site deals with women in photography through the 19th and early 20th centuries.

Walker Magnum’s Kodak Collector’s Page
Histories of Kodak company, cameras, film; photo-documented list of all items in the collection.


Have Questions? Talk with other shutterbugs in our
Vintage Camera Forum!

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Recommended Reading

Care and Identification of 19th Century Photographic Prints
by James M. Reilly. Sterling Publications, 1998.

Caring for Your Family Treasures: Heritage Preservation
by Richard W. Long, et al. Harry Abrams, 2000.

Guide to Identifying Early Photographs: A Pocket Manual
by David E. Rudd

The Hove International Blue Book Guide Prices for Classic and Collectable Cameras, 1992-1993
By Douglas St. Denny (Editor)

Spy Camera
by Michael Pritchard

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