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Arts and Antiques Resources

Aladdin Kerosene Lamps

Aladdin Lamps: Aladdin Knights

International Society of Appraisers

Conservation & Restoration Supplies


AskArt - Artists' Bluebook

Artist Signature Search


Antique & Collectors Reproduction News
Monthly newsletter dealing with fakes, reproductions and the tools and test to detect them.  Website has nicely illustrated explanations of black lights, loupes (magnifiers), more

Automatic Musical Instruments Collectors' Association

Zangobob's Blow Torch Heaven

Antique Boxes

Antique Clock Price Guide

Antique SpotLight
Antiques and Collectibles Directory

"Pedigree & Provenance" (art terms and definitions), transcripts of expert and collector interviews, tips for "restoring and conserving art and fine objects".

Care & Preservation of Historical Brass and Bronze

Chubb’s Antiques Roadshow
Resources, glossary, tips of the trade.

"Print and photograph examination and research" (including trading cards). Articles on identification, dating, detecting forgeries, etc.

Collector's Guide to Civil War Antiques

Cleaning Tips & Stain Removal

Fine Estate Sales News and Information

Horology Web Site

Identifying Original Currier & Ives Prints

R.E. Dietz Compendium

Edged Weapons Resource Page

Costumes through History

Fraternal Organizations

Furniture Glossary

Furniture Timeline

Identifying Hood Ornaments

Hummel Collectors' Reference

Hummel Figurines & Collectibles

Hummel Figurines & History

Image Maps of Printmaking Techniques

The Original Hobo Nickel Society
Newsletter (BoTales), history, links.

"Is it Ivory?" Checklist

Ivory: Is it Fake?

Ivory Restoration

Knives and Cutlery Information

What is a Print?

Marks on Chinese Porcelain

List of Military Orders and Decorations Links

Brass National Cash Registers

United States Patent Dates

US Patent & Trademark Database

Piano World

Pocket and Wristwatches Info

Antique & Vintage Radios

Dating English Registry Marks

International Society of Antique Scale Collectors

International Sewing Machine Collectors Society

Souvenir Spoons Museum

Stain Removal Chart

Stein Collectors International

German Beer Stein Translations

Antique Stoves & Ranges

Surgical Antiques - Civil War

Thimbles and Sewing Accessories

Antique Tools

Typewriter Related Links

United States Patent and Trademark Office

Wooden Nickels

Vacuum Cleaners Collectors' Club

Antique Phonographs Resource


Have Questions? Talk with others in our

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Recommended Reading

Caring for Your Antiques & Collectibles
by Miriam L. Plans

Caring for Your Collectibles: How to Preserve Your Old and New Treasures
by Kenneth Arnold, Ken Arnold

Caring for Your Family Treasures: Heritage Preservation
by Jane S. Long (Author), Richard W. Long (Author)






























































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