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New Book Helps Auction Sellers Take Digital Photographs
AuctionBytes Releases Snappy Auction Photos

November 1, 2002, Natick, MA - AuctionBytes released a new book, Snappy Auction Photos: The Online Auction Seller's Guide to Digital Photography (ISBN: 0-9723764-0-2). The book is a guide to digital photography for people and businesses that sell on eBay, Yahoo! Amazon, ePier, ubBid and other online marketplaces. Readers of Snappy Auction Photos will learn how to make their items look more appealing and obtain more bids and higher selling prices. This book focuses strictly on the issues dealing with auction images, and it explains the complete process in detail.

"Photographs are the only way online shoppers can see an item they areb considering purchasing," said author David Steiner. "I have been selling online since 1999, and I know that my photos make a big difference in achieving good prices online." David Steiner is a professional videographer turned auction seller and is President of AuctionBytes.com, a resource for online auction buyers and sellers.

Snappy Auction Photos explains how to prepare an item and create an effective background for taking photos. An entire chapter is devoted to lighting, one of the most confusing but important elements of taking good photographs. The book then shows readers how to edit and upload photos to the Web so they will appear in the auction descriptions. The book includes color photographs to demonstrate the principles outlined in the book.

Snappy Auction Photos discusses general principles and also gives detailed explanations and how-to tips. Readers will learn what to look for when purchasing a digital camera, how to save money on image hosting, and tips on using image-editing software. A free auction template is included.

As a special bonus, four coupons are included at the back of the book. Save money on ePier storefronts, Zoovy auction-management software, Bellamax photo enhancement and Fast-Pack shipping supplies!

The book is available for download on Amazon and other booksites for $12.99. More information can be found at http://www.auctionbytes.com.

Fact Sheet
Title: Snappy Auction Photos: The Online Auction Seller's Guide to Digital Photography
ISBN: 0-9723764-0-2
Author: David Steiner
Publication Date: November 2002
Price: $12.99
Format: eBook (Adobe eBook Reader)
Number of Pages: 24 pages
Publisher: AuctionBytes, PO Box 668, Natick MA 01760
Distribution: Available at Amazon.com, Powells.com, BooksaMillion.com, and
Booksite.com in November

About AuctionBytes
AuctionBytes.com publishes two free email newsletters for the online auction community. AuctionBytes-Update (ISSN: 1528-6703) shows readers how to become
more efficient buying and selling online, with product reviews and advice. AuctionBytes Newsflash (ISSN:1539-5065) contains daily news about the online
auction and collecting world.
NOTE TO EDITORS: If you would like a review copy, please email
ina@auctionbytes.com. A cover of the book may be downloaded from the AuctionBytes Web site for inclusion in your publication:
Please email ina@auctionbytes.com if you have difficulties or require a
different format.

For more information and to send published reviews or mentions, contact:
Ina Steiner, Editor & Publisher
AuctionBytes.com, PO Box 668, Natick, MA 01760
Tel. 508-655-5697
Email: ina@auctionbytes.com
Web: http://www.auctionbytes.com


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