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AuctionBytes Launches "Bookologist" Newsletter for Booksellers
Booksellers Will Learn All Aspects of Selling Online on Amazon, eBay, and Other Marketplaces

March 19, 2003, Natick, MA AuctionBytes will launch a newsletter for booksellers on March 26. Craig Stark is the Editor of the new publication, "The Bookologist," and will offer his advice on all aspects of selling books and ephemera online.

The Bookologist will help sellers acquire better books, earn higher prices for them, expand and sharpen knowledge of topics such as book condition, grading, terminology, first edition points, and simple repair, offer up-to-date tips on the hottest market niches and much more. Special features in upcoming issues will include profiles of successful booksellers, auction presentation "makeovers" for willing volunteers, and reviews of books about bookselling.

Craig Stark said Bookologist.com will, over time, be built into a powerhouse resource center with an extensive library of the best, most pertinent and useful bookselling links available, include a discussion forum for questions and comments about the book business, and archive not only past issues of the Bookologist but also provide a warehouse of meaningful bookselling information. The Bookologist will be published twice monthly and be available by email subscription at bookologist.com free of charge.

"I hope you will find Bookologist as comfortable as your local corner bookstore," said publisher Ina Steiner. "Come on in and pull up a chair, browse the shelves, chat with fellow book-lovers. The Bookologist will be a place to learn, share - and get book-selling therapy!"

Sign up now for a free subscription at:

AuctionBytes.com publishes two free email newsletters for the online auction community. AuctionBytes-Update (ISSN: 1528-6703) shows readers how to become more efficient buying and selling online, with product reviews and advice, published free twice monthly. AuctionBytes Newsflash (ISSN:1539-5065) contains daily news about the online auction and collecting world. The AuctionBytes Web site, established in 1999, is the premier resource for the online auction industry. AuctionBytes launched Bookologist.com in late March 2003.

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