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EcommerceBytes Partners

EcommerceBytes would like to recognize the organizations with which we have formed partnerships. Thanks to the individuals in those companies for giving us your support and consideration.

American Booksellers, Inc. is a family owned and operated outsource fulfillment center for the used and antiquarian book trade. We provide online booksellers a pick, pack & ship service along with book storage - both shelved and boxed. Our employees have over ten years experience working within the used book industry. We understand that your inventory is distinct and each book unique.

Free cgi scripts, online web site development tools, html editors, windows NT, Unix and Linux programs for your web site.
Specializing in Unix, Linux and Win NT cgi scripts for the web.

Our Programs and Scripts are written with the end user in mind. We are known for making programs ease to use and making intuitive interfaces for your customers. Take a look at the new Pay Pal Shopping Cart just hot off the keyboard. The PayPal Cart is jam packed with features making it extreamly easy to have the cart look and feel like the rest of your site. Sell anything online with the PayPal Cart, from clothing to auto parts, books to electronics, the cart can handle just about any format needed.

Skip McGrath has been an eBay power seller for over five years. Skip is very active in the eBay community, exhibiting at eBay Live, participating in forums and panel discussions. His instruction manuals have been used in a number of eBay seminars and college-level adult education classes.

Skip's books are professionally printed, easy-to-understand and come with a 90-day, no questions asked, money-back guarantee. eBay offers the lowest barrier of entry to making money on the internet. Anyone can learn to build a professional eBay business. Working part-time you can earn extra income for yourself or your family. Work full-time and you can build your business into a complete web-based enterprise with an above-average annual income.

Toolhaus has been analyzing eBay user's feedback since 2000, developing ways to isolate, compare, track, and just plain make sense of it all!  Along with the Negs tool, our first and most popular tool, we're proud to offer 30-Day Feedback analysis, a handy Blocked-Bidder Check, and other tools useful to both buyers and sellers.

Toolhaus is proud to offer our tools free of charge.  Keeping banner advertisements to a minimum, and with the generous support of hundreds of donors, Toolhaus is open and available to all.

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