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Customize Your Own Marketing Insert with a USPS Priority Mail Rate Chart!

Send your customers a useful insert to thank them for their purchase and to remind them to check your auctions! ( Click here to learn more)

Customize the insert with your information. For example: You can include your name, Seller ID, and Web Site URL. Your information will be placed at the top of a useful USPS Priority Mail rate chart.

Line 1 (ex. Your Name):
Line 2 (ex. Your Auction ID):
Line 3 (ex. Your Web Site URL):

1. Fill in one or more of the boxes with information.
2. Click "Submit!" and you will be taken to your customized page. If you'd like to make changes, click on the "Back" button and edit your information.
3. Go to File >Print Preview in your browser to ensure that your customized insert fits on one sheet of paper. If you customized insert runs over to a 2nd page, you may have to set the font in your browser to a smaller size.  Go to View > Text Size in your browser and choose a smaller font.  Check Print Preview to see if your insert now fits on one page.
4. If there are unwanted characters at the top and bottom of your page when you preview, go to File> Page Setup in your browser and remove your "header" and "footer" information.
5. Choose the number of copies you'd like to print and hit "OK"

Note: This template is optimized to work with Internet Explorer. Netscape users may find that the insert prints out slightly smaller than shown.

Having problems? Email

Shy? Don't want to share your information? If you click the "Submit" button without filling in the information, the form still works.

Keep checking back, we'll be adding a variety of templates in the near future to give you a choice of auction inserts. Have fun!

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