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Collector's Corner: My Little Pony

By Michele Alice

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Hagen-Renaker, Breyer Horses, and - My Little Pony?!?

Yes, if you think that Hasbro's My Little Pony is just kid's stuff, you haven't been paying attention.

All those little girls (and boys) who loved the popular toy are now adults who collect. They frequent online forums, they attend conventions, and they are introducing their children to all the new ponies that are introduced each year.

The first group of six figurines appeared in 1982. Like all subsequent issues, they were named - in this case, Cotton Candy, Butterscotch, Blossom, Blue Belle, Minty, and Snuzzle - and were characterized by their fanciful colors, their long manes and tails that could be combed, and by the picture-marks that appeared on their hindquarters. This first group differs from subsequent ponies in one respect: their hooves underneath are flat while almost all other ponies' hooves are concave.

Propelled by the success of the toy line, Hasbro periodically released new sets of ponies along with a plethora of accessories and play sets. Merchandising has been punctuated by several major redesigns which collectors have described as generational change. The period from 1982 to 1992 (1995 in Europe) was designated Generation 1 ("Dream Valley"). Generation 2 ("Friendship Gardens") was introduced in 1997, but the redesign did not meet with the approval of fans in the U.S. and was discontinued in 1999, though it continued overseas for several years after. Generation 3 ("Ponyville") began in 2003 and Generation 4 ("Equestria") in 2010.

It is not known exactly how many ponies - foreign and domestic - have been released since 1982, but conservative estimates place the number at over 1,000. Take into account all the related merchandise like accessories, playsets, books, etc., that exist and it is easy to see that there is an enormous selection from which to create a collection.

You can expect to pay from $5 to $50 for most ponies depending upon condition, but several factors can escalate values. Is the pony mint in its original blister package? Is the pony a limited-edition issue from a comic or toy convention? Is the pony a regular issue but relatively rare? For example, a My Little Pony Bride (1989) in its original box recently sold at an online auction for $171.57, while a G1 Mommy and Baby Pony set fetched $338.33. Greek ponies are considered some of the rarest of all and often sell for several hundred dollars. One recently garnered a final bid of $1393.68!

Interested in learning more about this fun collectible? Check out the resources listed below and, Happy Hunting!


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The My Little Pony 2007-2008 Collector's Inventory

"The My Little Pony Collector's Inventory: A Complete Checklist of All U.S. Ponies, Playsets, and Accessories from 1981 to 1982," by Hillary DePiano (Out of print - visit


Dream Valley - A Collector's Guide to My Little Pony - link to website - Helpful site offers FAQs, Pony Identification, Pony Wear & Accessories, more.

My Little Pony - link to website - Official Hasbro website.

My Little Pony Collector's Website - link to website - Site has Check Lists, Links, Guide to Hooves, History, Fakes, more.

My Little Pony Convention and Fair 2011 - link to website - You missed this annual event, but check back for details concerning the next one.

My Little Pony Arena - link to website - Forum includes Classifieds.

The My Little Pony Scrapbook - link to website - Comprehensive source of information on UK ponies also offers a Variant Pony Links page for access to sites covering international ponies from Argentina to Spain.

My Little Wiki - link to website - Easy to search compendium with lots of pics.

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