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Collector's Corner: Lego Building Blocks - There's Gold In Them Thar Bricks!

By Susan Crites

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In the mid-1960's, Lego Building Blocks were introduced to "Baby Boomers" in the United States. The inter-locking bricks soon became one of the most popular toys in America. Forty years later, Lego remains a bestseller to children and adults alike. Every day on eBay, more than 5,000 Lego items are available to an enthusiastic crowd of buyers. Unlike many categories of auction items, almost every Lego item is sold every day! To reap Lego profits, here are a few tips.

You can find Lego in most stores that carry toys. Mint-In-Box (MIB) or brand new Lego sells for $0.10 or more per piece. Stores like K-Mart or Zainy-Brainy often drastically reduce retail prices.

Finding Lego at half price is not unusual. Yard sales, moving sales and auctions are a treasure house for Lego hunters. Often, you can find pounds of Lego for pennies per pound! Among the most exciting and profitable auctions on eBay and Yahoo are the Lego pound auctions! Lego buyers are savvy and competitive! They know the value of Lego sets old and new. Many are willing to pay whatever it takes to get a set or pieces of sets that fill out their collections. They scoff at Sellers who over-price items by setting an opening or reserve price at a higher-than-retail amount. Bidding can be fierce and prices can skyrocket in the last minutes of a Lego auction.

The best rule-of-thumb to use in making profits selling Lego is to never pay more than 50% of retail, and always buy by the pound when you can. New or used, in small amounts or large, Lego is a very profitable auction item that everyone can find and anyone can sell!

About the author:

Susan Crites (auction ID has been collecting Lego sets since 1964. She has hundreds of thousands of pieces in her collection, ranging from very early pieces that read "Patent Pending" to the newest Lego sets. Susan has built a significant number of Lego sets.

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