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USPS to Expand Package Delivery to Sundays

By Ina Steiner
February 11, 2013

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In an exclusive interview with MSNBC on Saturday, Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe revealed that USPS would soon start delivering packages on Sundays. "In some areas, we'll be delivering packages on Sunday starting soon, so that's a big innovation," he said. When asked when that would happen, he declined to provide details, saying, "It's going to happen soon. I'm not telling you anything else. Just watch for your letter carrier in your neighborhood."

"We've heard customers loud and clear. Deliver packages on Saturday if you can," Donahoe said. He also said the USPS is getting into secure digital messaging.

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The surprise announcement on Saturday that the USPS would begin offering 7-day package delivery came only days after the organization announced a move to 5-day mail delivery - except for packages - as it faces a worsening financial situation that congress has yet to address.

The Postal Regulatory Commission issued an Advisory Opinion on a proposed elimination of Saturday mail delivery 2 years ago in which it outlined its concerns about 5-day delivery, though at the time, the USPS had intended to halt package delivery on Saturdays as well.

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