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Etsy Updates Privacy Policy as It Integrates with Facebook

By Ina Steiner
October 10, 2012

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Etsy is making several changes to its Privacy Policy as it adds integration with Facebook and explains how it gathers data about users. The company is also launching three new optional security settings to give users more control and visibility into their accounts.

Etsy said its Facebook integration would allow users to find and be found by their Facebook friends on Etsy. Users who don't wish to be found by Facebook friends can opt out in their Etsy Account settings. (It's entirely optional for users to connect their Facebook and Etsy accounts in the first place.)

Etsy is also updating its site-wide Privacy Policy to account for the site's growth and to clarify the way it uses information it gathers about users. The company also wants members to review and update their contact preferences to choose how they wish to be contacted by Etsy. The company has also created a brand new page to explain how it uses technology to gather data in part to provide a more personalized experience, and recommended users review its new Cookies & Tracking Technologies page.

The new security settings include two-factor authentication; a login history; and full site SSL, which stands for Secure Sockets Layer, is an industry-standard way to protect transfer of information on the Internet. Etsy explained,"More and more sites are adding full-site SSL, and we recommend turning this feature on if you frequently sign in to Etsy from locations with shared WiFi like coffee shops or airports. We are working to make the Etsy experience on SSL just the same as it is without, however you may experience slower load time or occasional difficulties viewing pages on the site."

All three security features are optional, and Etsy explained, "We are confident as ever in our site's security, but recognize that many of you may use multiple computers or share logins on your account. In these cases, we believe these features can help provide peace of mind, that it's you and only you (or your business partner) signing into your account."

You can review the announcement (recommended), read what Etsy's security engineering team said about the changes, and read user questions and reaction.

About the author:

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