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eBay Motors Launches Parts Compatibility in Motorcycles

By Ina Steiner
May 03, 2012

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eBay is launching parts compatibility in select eBay Motors Motorcycle Parts & Accessories categories this month. With the Parts Compatibility feature, sellers can create one listing describing a single part and add a complete list of compatible vehicles.

eBay explained in its announcement on Wednesday, "This means that you can create one listing describing a single part and add an extensive list of motorcycles that part is compatible with - saving you both time and money on insertion fees. Listing with parts compatibility also helps get your relevant items in front of buyers via search - both on eBay and via off-site search engines like Google and Yahoo."

Parts Compatibility functionality is already available in two motorcycle categories: Motorcycle Parts - Exhaust (category number #35573), and Motorcycle Parts - Body & Frame - Seats (category number #35566).

eBay uses data from Epicor and WHI Solutions' automotive catalogs to power the automotive compatibility feature. In February, eBay acquired WHI Solutions for an undisclosed amount.

When eBay launched Parts Compatibility on eBay Motors in 2010, it said the average automotive part fit 32 cars, and said the feature would lead to listing consolidation, lowered fees and reduced returns and customer inquiries. We wrote in March about a glitch impacting a small portion of catalogued parts & accessories products and its dramatic impact on sales volume of some sellers who rely on the functionality.

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