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New Auctiva Tool Lets eBay Sellers Collect Feedback

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eBay and online sellers can now use Auctiva's FeedbackForms widget to ask shoppers for comments and feedback directly within product pages, including inside their eBay listings. By integrating FeedbackForms into its software, Auctiva can now offer the feature to all subscribers, including Free Tools plan members.

When the FeedbackForms widget is enabled, visitors can leave comments for sellers by clicking the "Leave Feedback" icon displayed on the page. A feedback form will open directly on the page, so visitors won't be forced to navigate away from the site or listing.

By adding an instant feedback mechanism to their listings, sellers will be able to hear directly from potential buyers about issues related to a given listing, such as whether a description is incomplete or an image is broken.

Sellers can add FeedbackForms to their online stores, blogs, social media pages or any website by opening an account directly on

Auctiva Communications Manager Robert Green said the company first introduced last November in response to sellers' desire to learn more about non-converting shoppers.

David Bierbaum, FeedbackForms' lead developer, said all Auctiva users have been provided with a free FeedbackForms account. "I think users of FeedbackForms will be surprised to learn what their visitors have to say."

Three FeedbackForms plans are available: The Basic Plan, which is free, allows users to add a feedback form to one site, or an unlimited number of eBay listings. The Pro Plan, at $9.95/month, supports up to four sites. The Unlimited Plan is $199.95/year, and allows users to add forms to an unlimited number of sites.

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