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eBay Rolls Back 'Identical Listings' Policy

By Ina Steiner
November 19, 2008

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eBay is rolling back its Identical Listings policy and will begin showing all identical listings from the same seller for Fixed Price items in search beginning this week. For years, eBay had limited sellers to 15 identical listings at any one time. In June, eBay removed those restrictions, but limited the display of duplicate listings from the same seller in search results to one listing. It quickly rolled back the "de-dupe" policy for auction listings, but it continued to show just one identical listing per seller for fixed-price listings.

"Now that a track record of recent sales is a key factor in the sort order for Fixed Price, most sellers are combining identical items into single, multi-quantity, 30-day listings," eBay's announcement stated. "This has proven to be the right strategy for sellers and a great shopping experience for buyers."

The key criterion for getting exposure in search results for fixed price format listings is now something called Recent Sales. eBay's search algorithm favors multiple-quantity listings from which buyers have made purchases, making it inefficient (and more expensive) to list duplicate fixed-price listings.

eBay wants sellers to focus on the longer duration fixed-price strategy and eliminate some confusion about the identical items policy, according to eBay Senior Director of Finding Jeff King.

The policy that limits sellers to 10 listings per page on search results pages remains in effect

eBay's announcement advised sellers to focus on the following in order to get the best position for Fixed Price listings the holiday season: create effective, accurate listings with distinct and descriptive titles; use the long duration (30-day or Good 'Till Cancelled) multi-quantity format whenever appropriate; and to offer free shipping.

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