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FreightCenter.com Releases Shipping Widget

By Company-Issued Press Release
June 18, 2008

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After many months of work, FreightCenter.com, a leader in online freight shipping solutions, announces the release of their shipping widget. This tool allows users to create an easy to use shipping calculator and place it directly on their website or eBay listing. Representatives from the company are in Chicago this week officially releasing the tool at eBay live, eBay's annual convention. The company expects the instant shipping calculator to be a huge hit with eBay users that operate online stores that specialize in selling large items not suited to small parcel services. The FreightCenter.com shipping widget can also be used by website store owners to allow customers to estimate shipping quickly without leaving their website.

FreightCenter.com President Matthew Brosious is thrilled about the shipping widget. "We've been providing shipping services and rates directly on our website for years, and this tool will let our customers provide rates to their customers quickly with minimal setup". The FreightCenter.com widget requires only that customers register for a free account and then enter the details of the item they want to ship as well as the origin zip code. They then paste the code directly into their website or their auction listing. Customers need only enter the zip code they want the item to go to, and prices are provided instantly.

FreightCenter.com is based in Clearwater, Florida and provides freight shipping solutions to businesses and individuals throughout the US and Canada. Visit FreightCenter.com today to create a free account, rate carriers and services, and create your own shipping widget.

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