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EcommerceBytes Soundoff: Letters to the Editor - January 15, 2017

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In every issue, readers soundoff about issues important to them. From shipping issues to payment processing, from fees to online marketplace policies, EcommerceBytes Soundoff gives you a chance to air your views.


Hi Ina,
I found your article DITCH THE UNIQUE very informative - it affirms that eBay does not want me for a customer anymore... As I told you earlier they gave me the nuclear punishment and cut my Xmas sales from $15-20K/mo to $3K/month - and of course cut their income from $1500-$2000/mo to $300/mo.

Their actions seem so crazy I can no longer recount them. I am moving on - I think eBay is in a death spiral. It's time to sell eBay short...

There are a LOT of sellers of unique things out there who could use a better venue!!


Dear Ina,
There is always a slew of changes at the start of a new year: manufacturer pricing and policy updates, website redesigns, software updates, etc. This sent me through the roof today though:

Changes to Competition Research in Terapeak

This is seriously the only feature of Terapeak we even use. It's the ONLY useful feature. Now when I select "Top Sellers" it's not just the eBay Seller ID's I can't see... I also can't see WHAT they are selling, HOW MANY they are selling, or at WHAT PRICE.

I can't even see what rank MY STORE is, which we routinely use to judge our performance on a given brand or product. We also routinely study the items and pricing strategies that our better performing competitors are using.

So much of our product selection and listing improvement strategy is based on this information that I don't even know how I can replace it.

Have you heard others complaining about this? Can anything be done? I suspect eBay pressured Terapeak into this change. This policy change makes Terapeak near useless to my business.

Note from the Editor: You can find more information in the this January 2nd blog post and in the January 5th issue of EcommerceBytes 411.


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