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Collectors Corner: Angry Birds

By Michele Alice

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The Birds are angry. Very angry.

First, Bad Piggies invade their island and steal their eggs. Then Rovio Entertainment, a Finnish company, makes lots of dough by translating the war on Bird Island into a series of video games. Finally, Rovio makes even more money by releasing a movie and letting McDonald's restaurants in China offer Birds-themed chicken and pork burgers with red and green buns.

But the normally mild-mannered Birds are fighting back! Led by Red (who's had anger-management issues from before the beginning), the Birds are determined to oust the Pigs from Bird Island and take over the world (not necessarily in that order). To that end, they have appeared on television shows, newspapers, and magazines; infiltrated theme parks around the world, including the Kennedy Space Center; and invaded homes in the guise of trading cards, stickers, T-shirts, games, PEZ dispensers, costumes, comics, cookbooks, figurines, plushies (stuffed animals), Roku boxes, advertising, and bowling balls!

Not only is that not bad for a phenomenon that began in late 2009 as just another Apple iOS app, but it also represents a lot of potential material for present and future collectors.

People are already sucking up collections of plushies and are willing to pay up to $100 for rarer specimens like a 30-inch Mighty Eagle. Ditto for some of LEGO's Angry Birds sets (a cross collectible) and adult mascot-style costumes. McDonald's Happy Meals sets of ten toys are doing a brisk business - up to $50 - at online auctions. And remember those bowling balls mentioned earlier? With matching bag, a 10lb green Piggy recently fetched $61.

As time passes, of course, there will be plenty of adjustments in the secondary markets as supply and demand find their equilibrium. In the meantime, if you're a seller, take advantage of the current simulative effect to the markets of the Angry Birds movie; if you're a collector, don't forget to peruse those yard and rummage sales where you're sure to spot a "find."

BTW, my cats seriously enjoy batting around their Angry Birds plushies, and they approve of this column.

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Happy Hunting!


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