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EcommerceBytes Soundoff: Letters to the Editor - April 12, 2015

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Hi Ina,
Re: eBay Tweaks Board of Directors in Advance of Breakup (link)

You may find this of interest about Gail McGovern. Looks like she will be right at home.


Dear Ina,
For the last month when performing tasks on myeBay you are often redirected to ad with a banner saying "Now a Word From Our Sponsors. It is a bait click ad for Cover Girl with Ellen DeGeneres. Today however it just start popping up on myeBay without any action at all, i.e. no clicking to perform a task.

Coincidently eBay started a test for a new log in screen that is supposed to be more compactible on mobile devices; and of course they announce it two after they start a test.

The afore mentioned bait click ad is one I often see on free mobile apps. Looks like whatever they are testing for mobile has been and is bleeding through to the pc site.

Also for a site that has had it's share of hackings and hijackings this past year a little common sense dictates that you announce a change to the log-in. Does not inspire confidence when you don't.

From the Editor: See Google Tells EcommerceBytes It's Looking into AdSense Redirects


Hello Ina,
Thought this was just one of the consistent flow of minor glitches from eBay. Over the past couple of days I noted that running auctions and completed transactions all show the buyer with 0 (zero) feedback. It caught my attention because some of these were repeat buyers so I knew this had to be wrong.

When clicking on the feedback the true real score was then revealed with comments. This in itself may not be a problem, UNLESS, you're a seller who has his/her preferences set to not allow buyers with zero or negative feedback, then the question remains... Are your customers being blocked from buying?


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