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Collectors Corner: You Collect What?

By Michele Alice

September 07, 2014

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It's common knowledge that people will collect just about anything. (We said collect, not hoard.) But even we were somewhat surprised by some of the things that stimulated the acquisitive nature of some individuals. Here are just three:

Air Sickness Bags
Also known as motion sickness bags, vomit bags, sick sacks, and a plethora of other sobriquets, barf bags (our favorite) have been around in one form or another since at least the 1920s when paper bags and cardboard containers served the purpose. It was not until 1949 that Northwest Airlines introduced the plastic-lined progenitor of the bag that we clutch to our bosoms today.

Use of the bag has spread to cars, buses, hospitals, and even the home (they can be purchased at brick-and-mortars and online), but it is still the airline logo on the bag that attracts the collector.

Air Sickness Bag Virtual Museum - Devoted to the "Happy Sacks" provided by airlines for those passengers who suffer from motion sickness, tainted food, and/or just plain old fear of flying. Check out Progressions to see how designs have changed over time. And all you have to do to become a Patron of Puke is contribute a bag to the museum!

Bagophily - Collector Paul Mundy's site provides Bag care and maintenance tips, Bag humour, Olde bagges (history), Oops! (errors), Identity parade (to help identify bags), Poetry(!), links, and much more.

Rune's Barf Bag Collection - Fun site includes a Gallery sorted according to national airlines, a Swap Shop, Hall of Fame (donors to site), Hall of Shame (airlines offering generic, or no bags at all), stories, and links. Airline bags not your thing? Check out the Generics and No Air's.

Potato Chips (Crisps, if you live in Great Britain)
Bet you thought we'd be discussing something like vintage potato chip tins, but, no, we're not, because, believe it or not, there's more than one person out there who is or has been a collector of the lowly chip. But not just any chip. It has to be special, different, unusual, weird - in other words, it has to look like Pac Man, a Star Wars Storm Trooper, Elvis Presley, or Michael Jackson! And, yes, there are people out there who are willing to buy them!

But don't worry if you ever post one at an online auction and it doesn't sell; you can still eat it.

How to Sell a Potato Chip That Looks Like a Celebrity - Don't skip this slightly tongue-in-cheek how-to.

Potato chip collection changed life for the late Myrtle Young - The News-Sentinel.com - We usually don't find obits humorous, but Myrtle's left us chuckling. Who thought a few potato chips could lead to fame, if not fortune?

Paper Napkins
While it's true that some people collect antique and vintage linens, who'd have thought that the lowly, disposable paper napkin would attract any attention from collectors? But they can't resist the colors (napkins are not just white or pastel anymore), the designs (every possible occasion demands its own napkin), and advertising/company logos (any excuse to eat out!).

Not to mention that napkins are incredibly easy to store and display, and that they can often be obtained for free!

Napkin Collection Photo Gallery - Jacob Kedzierski's napkin collection, nicely displayed for our viewing enjoyment.

Slovakian woman, 39, amasses world record breaking collection of 62,500 napkins that could be worth 300,000 pounds - We were wrong - how does one store that many napkins?

Sudeep's Paper Napkin Showcase - Focus on restaurant and other food establishment napkins, especially those located in India. Different!

One conclusion we've come to after looking over these collectibles - whether or not they result in fame and fortune, they're FUN!

Do you have an oddball collection? Let us know on the AuctionBytes Blog.


Happy Hunting!

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About the author:

Michele Alice is EcommerceBytes Update Contributing Editor. Michele is a freelance writer in the Berkshire mountains of Massachusetts. She collects books, science fiction memorabilia and more! Email her at makalice @ adelphia.net eBay ID: Malice9

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