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Etsy Artist Adds to Her Selling Portfolio with Zatista

By Julia Wilkinson

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There are so many great artists, it can be overwhelming for new collectors to find art they like, and problematic for artists to break through and be seen by the right buyers. Sites such as aim to help buyers discover artists by offering a curated selection of quality pieces. Today we look at Zatista from an artist's perspective - Jacquie Gouveia, a self-taught artist, is growing her sales as she spreads her wings to new, more selective platforms.

What are the various venues where you sell your art?

Jacquie Gouveia: Etsy, Zatista, Next-Picasso and recently Saatchi online. Because of selling on Zatista, my paintings are also sold through Amazon and Houzz.

How long have you been on Etsy? What percentage of your sales comes from there, approximately?

Jacquie Gouveia: I opened my shop in November 2008, so going on five years. For 2013 so far, probably about 35-40% of my sales come from Etsy. It's changing though. Because I'm getting more recognition and getting into more galleries, my prices are going up, so I'm not selling as much on Etsy. I'm selling more "do-it-yourself" prints on Etsy now than original paintings. (See this listing, for example.)

Similarly, when did you start selling on Zatista? How did you hear about it?

Jacquie Gouveia: I started selling on Zatista I believe in 2010. I don't really remember how I heard about it. I'm guessing either through another artist or Google search.

How would you compare selling on Zatista to selling on Etsy or other venues, such as, say, a gallery?

Jacquie Gouveia: Zatista is juried and managed on a more personal level. I get emails directly from the Account Manager about things specific to my work. They operate truly like a more online gallery than Etsy, which is a marketplace. But Zatista's commission fee is 45% Zatista / 55% Artist, because of the customer service they provide.

Etsy is a wide-open free-for-all of artists - which I'm not criticizing in any way - I think it is a great venue. Being on both Zatista and Etsy have brought me other great opportunities - so having your work on them is much more than just selling through them.

Have you considered other art sites, such as Paddle 8, and would you ever try to sell there?

Jacquie Gouveia: Never heard of it, I would consider it if I knew more about it and how it was structured. Regardless of where an artist sells online, the artist has to self promote, so being on too many online sites could have diminishing returns at some point. But I'm always open to seeing what's out there.

When did you start studying art; did you study it formally in school or is it a hobby?

Jacquie Gouveia: I always liked making art, drawing mostly when I was young. But I didn't go to art school. I have an accounting degree and have worked as a finance systems analyst for years now.

I'm self-taught. I decided I wanted to learn to paint around 2000, so I took a couple of workshops on plein-air painting to get the feel for it. I then painted a lot of small pieces on my own for several years. I would go out to some really beautiful remote spots and set up my easel - it was wonderful and so peaceful. This is how I learned about color and light. My paintings naturally graduated to larger more abstract pieces, but still with landscapes as the theme.

Any other metrics you can share such as your monthly sales figures?

Jacquie Gouveia: This year I should hit the $20,000 mark in gross sales - which is cool! I still don't make a living at selling my paintings, but things are really picking up for me and changing. I hope that in 2 years this will be my primary income source.

Jacquie Gouveia is an abstract landscape artist based in Carver, MA. Her website is at You can also find her on Etsy at Jacquie Gouveia Contemporary Paintings and on Zatista. She was named a Top 50 Emerging Artist for 2012 by Art Business News magazine.

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