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EcommerceBytes Web Design Challenge -

By Julia Wilkinson

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Greg Bell of Blue Moose Coffee is a small retailer doing less than $50,000 in annual sales. He likes the ease of navigation of his website and says he gets a lot of regular repeat business. He entered the EcommerceBytes Web Design Challenge because he feels his site needs a new, cleaner and professional look with professional photography, updated and better content, and better SEO. While Blue Moose Coffee's educational section gets good traffic from organic search results, he has difficulty converting that traffic to orders.

Read more about Blue Moose Coffee below, see a link to all the finalists in the introduction to the Web Design Challenge, and vote for your favorite in our SurveyMonkey voting booth.

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When did you launch this website, and how long have you been actively selling products from this site?
Launched in 2005 and have sold continuously from this site.

Please provide information about where you host the site and the technology that powers the website and shopping cart.
This website is built and hosted on a sitebuilder website, Builderspot (website dynamics), located at Our site is very limited in design features and is limited by the site builders templates and adjustable features. The shopping cart is an integrated cart using PayPal Pro to accept all major credit cards and PayPal.

Please provide us with the gross annual sales processed through this site.
Between $1,000 - $49,999

What do you think is the best thing about your website in terms of design?
Ease of navigation for potential customers.

What elements or features of your site's design do you want to change?
Basically everything needs to be updated, changed or tweeked. My major problem is the lack of an updated, professional design. I need a professional look. The site also needs fresh content and photography.

What are your main goals in redesigning your site? Please be as specific as possible.
New Professional Look Cleaner Look Professional Photography Updated and better content * Better SEO

How do you currently market your website, and where does your traffic come from?
A lot of regular, repeat business, originally transferred from ebay. We get a good deal of organic search for our education section of our website, "How to Brew Coffee", but not much conversion from this area. We do have some conversion success for a couple of key products that show up well in organic search.

Tell us why should your site be featured in EcommerceBytes Website Design Challenge?
My product is excellent and we have a great deal of repeat, regular business. The education section of our website is well used from organic search, but we have not been able to convert to orders. Our site would definitely do better with an updated, professional look and better SEO structuring. I feel that our website would be a good candidate for a design challenge because there are so many small vendors like us that need help with design and simply do not know where to start. We would like to be the example for other small vendors in successful transformation of an existing website.

Is there anything else you would like to mention about why your site should get a design makeover?
We can utilize a complete makeover and utilize the skills of each expert in a makeover.

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