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EcommerceBytes Web Design Challenge -

By Julia Wilkinson

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Ben Mandell of does over $100,000 in annual sales on his site offering over 11,000 product SKUs. In applying for the EcommerceBytes Web Design Challenge, Ben said there are plenty of things he likes about his website, explaining that it's easy for customers to enter information and find the exact product they need. But he wants his homepage to be "more like a homepage," to make it more modern, and to have the right design elements to maximize conversion rates.

Read more about AmazingKeys below, see a link to all the finalists in the introduction to the Web Design Challenge, and vote for your favorite in our SurveyMonkey voting booth.

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When did you launch this website, and how long have you been actively selling products from this site?
This version was launched in 2010. It has been online in various versions since 2003.

Please provide information about where you host the site and the technology that powers the website and shopping cart.
This site is hosted by The shopping cart that powers the site is from

Please provide us with the gross annual sales processed through this site.
$100,000 or more

What do you think is the best thing about your website in terms of design?
The customer can easily enter the year, make and model of their vehicle and the exact products that fit their vehicle will come up with sharp and clear photos. We like our video host (Jody) and she sells a lot of keys. This version has been great for conversions. Many people have complimented us on how easy it is to use our site.

What elements or features of your site's design do you want to change?
We would like the homepage to be more like a homepage!

What are your main goals in redesigning your site? Please be as specific as possible.
I want to make sure we are hitting the proper elements that lead to maximum conversions. Bring the site to a more modern look that our customers will like.

How do you currently market your website, and where does your traffic come from?
1. Repeat customer base that has ordered from us before.
2. Search engines (google, bing, yahoo)
3. Referrals.
4. Facebook activity which thus far has not lead to conversions although it does bring some traffic.

Tell us why should your site be featured in EcommerceBytes Website Design Challenge?
We have never really been one to sell the sizzle at We have always let our products and service speak for themselves. Now it might be time to sell the sizzle. That's where the designers come in. We have a product that everyone that drives a car or truck needs even if they do not yet know it! Customers can identify with the site. (especially if they have had to replace a lost car keys lately!) We can save folks a lot of money compared to the dealer. Customers can type in their, year, make and model of their vehicle and see an exact picture of their key, remote or ignition switch. Most of the pictures are produced by for items we actually have in stock. We don't use manufacturers stock photos for most of our products. We found that our customers prefer our photos over the manufacturer's stock photos. We try to show the distinct features of our products.

Is there anything else you would like to mention about why your site should get a design makeover? represents an established small business website that would be perfect for this type of promotion. We have over 11,000 SKU's and have done everything in our power to make it easy for the customer to find and purchase and item from us.

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