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Fourteen Mobile Apps to Simplify Online Selling

By Greg Holden

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As I write this, it's February in Chicago. The weather is too cold for garage saling. But thanks to mobile apps, those who buy and sell online not only can shop for bargains but perform a host of ecommerce functions. Here's a roundup of apps for both iOS and Android devices, followed by links to the app stores on which you can find these and other apps for your smartphones and tablets.

Apps for Shopping To find a garage sale in your local area:
The market leader in this area is an app called Garage Sale Rover by Navigation App. This app comes in a free version and a $3.99 version and is available for both iOS and Android. The free version includes slick Google Earth maps showing exactly where the sale is located. I found an estate sale right around the corner from me even though it was the middle of winter.
Editor's Note: it appears the Garage Rover app is no longer available on the app stores.

Another similar app, Yard Sale Treasure Map by Kolodgie Enterprises, is free and simply gathers sales already listed on Craigslist. For Android. Find garage sales in a single metro area:
An extensive set of city-specific apps for Android by Classified Concepts covers a single metro area: Pittsurgh, PA; Fargo ND; and many others. They are free but they only get so-so reviews from users. Some of them also help bargain hunters find flea markets and secondhand stores in the area.
Buy or sell with your mobile device:
Tell the app Zaarly what you're looking buy and choose from among the search results gathered from people who want to sell. You can also post your own items for sale. For iOS and Android.
Visit or hold a virtual rummage sale on your mobile device:
Rumgr lets you search for all the items for sale in your local area, and search for specific merchandise. You can also put items up for sale. For iOS.
Pay with your smartphone or tablet:
Depending on the specific site, you can generally pay for mobile purchases with credit cards and PayPal. Google Wallet enables you to pay with a Citi MasterCard or Google Prepaid Card (to use it in-store, you need an NFC enabled phone). If you have an account with another online payment service, Dwolla for example, check to see if the apps you wish to buy from accept it.

Apps for Selling

To convert your ecommerce store into a mobile app:
Mobi-Cart converts your ecommerce store into an app you upload to iTunes or Google Play (or helps you create an app from scratch). Costs $15 to $49 per month depending on the number of items you want to sell.
To set the lowest price on a product:
Use ShopSavvy to scan the barcode on an item. The app comparison shops and reports on the lowest price. It's a good way to make sure another merchant isn't beating your price. For iOS and Android.
To get organized:
Weave helps you create a to-do list, track group projects and how much time has been spent on them, and send reminders. It's from Intuit, Inc. so, not surprisingly, it also helps you keep track of your income and expenses. For iOS and Android.
Market your business with social media:
UberSocial is a high-powered Twitter and Facebook app that lets you view photos and videos within a timeline and switch between multiple accounts. For iOS and Android.
Manage your business contacts:
Salesforce Mobile keeps all of your business contacts, documents, text messages, and email in one place. For iOS and Android.
Create a mobile-optimized web site: leads you step-by-step through the process of creating a mobile website, whether it's a new site or a version of your existing site.
Manage your mobile store:
Once you create your m-commerce store, it only makes sense that you should be able to manage it with your phone or tablet. Shopify, an ecommerce hosting platform, gives its users access to their storefronts with Shopify Mobile, which lets you fulfill orders, capture payments and manage inventory while on the move. For iOS.
Accept payments using your smartphone or tablet:
Square developed the first widely-adopted credit card reader that lets sellers accept credit card payments in real life, and other payment services followed, such as PayPal Here.
Where to Find Mobile Apps
You can find mobile apps for Apple (iOS) devices at the Apple App Store and for Android devices at the Google Play store

I didn't mention the many mobile apps provided by well-known marketplaces like eBay, Etsy, and I tried to focus mostly on tools to help seller find inventory or sell it online. This list is hardly comprehensive, and new apps are springing up all the time. Please suggest apps you've used so other sellers can check them out too.

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