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Addicted to Poshmark: Annie Cheng on Posh Shopping Parties

By Julia Wilkinson

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In today's issue, EcommerceBytes interviewed Poshmark cofounder Tracy Sun to learn more about the company's "shopping parties" that lets users buy and sell using their smartphones. The average user engages seven times a day for 25 minutes total, making this a compelling model for sellers.

We sat down with Poshmark user Annie Cheng, who is also one of Poshmark's "suggested users," to find out how she uses the app and what makes the shopping experience so addictive.

EcommerceBytes: How long have you been using Poshmark?

Annie Cheng: I started using Poshmark July 30th. How do I know the exact date you ask? Well, because I purchased something from Poshmark within 10 min of downloading the app, and your Poshmark account allows you to track all your purchases (what you purchased, amount, date, who you purchased from, etc.).

EcommerceBytes: What is your favorite thing about the app?

Annie Cheng: My absolute favorite thing about this app (if I can only name one thing) would be, the Poshmark employees. No joke. They are ALL active users on Poshmark and really set the vibe/tone for how Poshmarkers treat each other. They make it a safe and fun environment for everyone, and they all have an incredible eye for fashion. Don't believe me, check out their closets! Amazeballs, seriously. I sincerely feel that Poshmark's continued success will be because of them. If you get a chance to meet anyone of them, you will understand what I mean, trust me.

Sorry, I know I said I would just name one thing I love, but I can't; it's just too hard. So, just one more!

Another great thing about Poshmark is the whole idea that we get to shop people's "closets." Have you ever met someone super-stylish and wished you could raid their closet? Well, that's the beauty of this app. You can finally do that.....but instead of just one closet you can peek into hundreds of thousands of closets and actually purchase items you like!

And the beauty of buying something, is that you don't have to feel guilty anymore. You can sell a couple things in your closet, and then use that money to purchase items you have been eyeing in someone's closet. How great is that? It's like a constant recycling of your closet. Sell things that you don't wear that often, for things you love! Then, when you get sick of that you can sell that too.

EcommerceBytes: How do you like the virtual shopping parties model, and what kinds of things do people do at these virtual parties? Is it a very social scene in addition to being about the clothing? Can you tell any anecdotes about some of the more fun ones?

Annie Cheng: The most memorable item to me, was my first purchase. I was lucky enough for my first purchase to be from a Poshmark power user by the name of "mcnubbin"; she's a total Poshmark celebrity! LOL. My experience purchasing from her was so amazing, that I was completely hooked. I learned from her and the other Poshmark power users how to treat others on Poshmark. I learned that your first experience on Poshmark is so important.

Recently, Poshmark has selected me to be a suggested user like mcnubbin - which means everyone that downloads the app automatically follows my closet until they actively choose not to. I have a lot of first-time buyers asking me a lot of questions now and I try my absolute hardest to give them the best experience possible like mcnubbin did for me. I want everyone to fall in love with this app, just like I have!

EcommerceBytes: Anything else you'd like to add?

Annie Cheng: The Poshmark themed parties are awesome! It's a good way to find something you need based on the theme, whether it's Chanel, or wallets, or coats for the winter.

My favorite part of the Poshmark parties is the "Host picks"! If you haven't checked this out, you should. The hosts will pick their top favorite things (based on the theme of course) and post it to this section. The selected hosts plus the Poshmark employees seriously select amazing stuff, so it's like having a personal shopper pick out great things for you to purchase!

The last thing I have to add is that I recently was invited to Poshmark's 1st birthday party! Here, I met Manish (the brilliant mastermind behind all of this) and his ridiculously devoted and passionate team. They were more amazing then I could have ever imagined. I have never met such incredibly stylish yet also genuinely sweet people such as themselves. I was so blown away by all of them. And guess what? I got to meet mcnubbin at this party too! When I met her, I almost cried. Seriously. She is just as amazing.

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