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EB-Update Issue #289 - June 26, 2011.

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From the Editor

I'm back from San Diego after covering the Internet Retailer conference and brought back news and information about improving your online retail business. Also read today's editorial for important information about PayPal and its Money Market Fund and other industry news.

Internet Retailer Conference Unearths New Services for Online Sellers

Ina Steiner and Lissa McGrath scouted out the largest ecommerce industry event to bring you all the news in today's roundup of the Internet Retailer Conference, including information about some game-changing vendors that promise to save you money!

An Inside Look at Groupon from the Merchant's Perspective

Many retailers wonder if running a Groupon deal makes sense for their business. At the recent Internet Retailer Conference, Bob McKeon of shared his experience of using Groupon to grow his business. If you're considering running a Groupon deal, you'll want to read about PictureItOnCanvas' experience before you proceed!

Jimdo Offers Easy Store-Building Service

Lots of store-building services promise to make it easy to set up a storefront, but Jimdo really is easy! AuctionBytes Contributing Editor Greg Holden reports on this established German company that is moving into the U.S. with a hosted solution for small sellers.

Colin Rule: From eBay Conflicts to Global Peace Initiatives

As director of Online Dispute Resolution for eBay and PayPal from 2003 to 2011, Colin Rule has seen many changes and challenges in the conflict resolution space. He is now CEO of the new online problem resolution company, Modria Inc. We asked Rule about his time at eBay, what he thought about some of eBay's recent changes, and what's in store for his new company, and the future of dispute resolution.

Collectors Corner: Bookmarks/Bookmarkers

With the popularity of Kindles and Nook ebook readers, is it possible some day people won't remember what bookmarks were for? Michele Alice takes us on an enchanting look at the history of bookmarks and what collectors are seeking today!

AuctionBytes Soundoff: Letters to the Editor

In every issue, readers soundoff about issues important to them. From shipping to payment services, from fees to online marketplace policies, AuctionBytes Soundoff gives you a chance to air your views.