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EB-Update Issue #274 - November 07, 2010.

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eBay is cracking down on sellers, see why there are over 100 comments on the AuctionBytes Blog about this new development. One of Facebook's top executives, Sheryl Sandberg, spoke at the recent PayPal Developers where AuctionBytes was on hand with notepad and video camera to capture keynotes by Sheryl, eBay CEO John Donahoe and Marc Andreessen, to interview third-party developers including MyStoreCredit, Appcelerator,, Outright, Shipwire, and Terapeak. And get ready - nominations are open for the second annual Sellers Choice Awards where you can vote for your favorite marketplaces!

Guest Column: Yahoo Stores for Retailers of All Sizes

In today's Guest Column, Scott Smigler of Exclusive Concepts explains how Yahoo Stores can be a viable option for small sellers. Exclusive Concepts is a Yahoo Small Business Partner and has worked with many small merchants to help them grow their business and drive sales to their product listings. Scott reviews some of the advantages offered by Yahoo Stores and how to get started.

Interspire, BigCommerce Bring Transparency to Ecommerce

Greg Holden interviewed Mitchell Harper about his company's ecommerce solutions, the Interspire shopping cart and BigCommerce hosted platform, and about Interspire's philosophy of listening to its users.

Five Things Online Merchants Should Know about Cash Flow

If you wonder why you have trouble paying bills despite operating a profitable business, you might have cash flow issues. Denise O'Berry, author of "Small Business Cash Flow: Strategies for Making Your Business a Financial Success," shares five things online merchants should know about cash flow.

EveryPlaceISell Merchant Profile: Alice in Stitches

Alice Rudolph launched an ecommerce business selling to people like her who love to create handmade goods. A professional quilter and quilting teacher, she launched Alice in Stitches and sells needlearts supplies across a number of marketplaces as well as on her own website, Alice shares some marketing tips and discuses the challenges of selling online in her niche.

Collector's Corner: Sony Walkman Personal Cassette Stereos

Before there were Apple iPods and MP3 players, there was the Sony Walkman casette player. Michele Alice tells us if it's worth rooting around in our closets for our old Walkman personal stereos to sell online!

AuctionBytes Soundoff: Letters to the Editor

In every issue, readers soundoff about issues important to them. From feedback to payment services, from fees to posting policies, AuctionBytes Soundoff gives you a chance to air your views.